20 Inconvenient Situations In Which People Realized What Happens When Luck Abandons You

We all have our lucky and unlucky days, but there are people whose life is a real movie with a never-ending row of impressive events, mostly about times when luck forgets about you.

It’s not so nice to laugh at one’s misfortune, but this time is different, we swear. We think that keeping positive will break the chain of these minor inconveniences.

Here in this article, you will find 20 hilarious stories about times when luck leaves people, and it will ironically cheer you up. Come on, let’s go!

#1. Guess who regrets eating the air-pod

Photo: © DimitriTooProBro

#2. Can a photo hurt? Because it does!

Photo: © Weebtrashgirl665

#3. When you spend hours making dinner…

Photo: © sleazemonkey

#4. Consequences of working in a -10°C lab where I have to wash my hands 40 times a day

Photo: © sizzle-cream

#5. No offense, but that’s really funny.

Photo: © xoxokyyyy

#6. Grabbing breakfast before running to the office on a Monday

Photo: © Mike187771

#7. I don’t think it’s supposed to bend that way

Photo: © Jkatz88

#8. What has happened overnight?

Photo: © Mgiwar

#9. He just wanted a little pepper on his eggs

Photo: © GoneHamlot

#10. When you are really in a hurry in the morning

Photo: © clo_ut

#11. This is called I have a pet

Photo: © L-0-R-D

#12. Things happen right after you clean your car

Photo: © WhoJustShat

#13. The struggle with inconvenient shoes

Photo: © mightthatbekon

#14. When you forget your gloves on a cold, windy day.

Photo: © Jordanmoore87

#15. Why does it keep happening?

Photo: © NonConformistFlmingo

#16. Puppy found the AirPods. He’s lucky he’s pretty.

Photo: © FalseChemistry4555

#17. Suddenly…In the pouring rain…

Photo: © SierraNevada0817

#18. Never park your new Tesla

Photo: © SeaJelly14

#19. When you try to refill my little Tabasco bottle from the gallon jug

Photo: © GoneKrogering

#20. When you find out why the smoke alarm randomly goes off

Photo: © NotInKY