20 Impressive Photos Telling The Story Of Some Magnificent Event Or Phenomenon

The world keeps on intriguing us in so many ways that we don’t even manage to catch up with all the magnificent phenomena, creatures, and events sometimes. But thanks to worldwide internet access, we can now follow up and learn about the most incredible stuff happening around us.

Our team has come across some really interesting and impressive photos telling a story of a particular event or phenomenon. Scroll down to see the photos, learn something new today, and share with friends so that they will learn too.

#1. Miss America, 1924. We miss how beauty used to look back then

Photo: © DuwapDoDat

#2. This baby goat from Pakistan might set the record for the longest ears (46 cm or 19 inches).

Photo: © MRunner

#3. Kimolos, Greece. The Greek-style always looks like a painting.

Photo: © QuantumChemistryNerd

#5. Patrick Dougherty shapes living trees into amazing natural tree buildings.

Photo: © Human02211979

#6. Wildlife bridge in Banff National Park so animals can cross the highway safely

Photo: © gnosis3

#7. 54 million-year-old Gecko, almost perfectly preserved. How amazing it is that a 54 million-year-old gecko looks just like today’s gecko.

Photo: © NervousBob

#8. Same location, two different seasons

Photo: © Independent-Owl478

#9. The tasseled wobbegong is a species of carpet shark. Reaching 1.8 m in length, this species has a broad and flattened body and head.

Photo: © makaros622

#10. Miss Baker still gets her bananas…

Photo: © Civil_R0se

#11. Erosion left roots exposed, and the rocks between the roots are now part of the tree.

Photo: © Jambroni99

#12. Rare Ametrine forms when Amethyst and Citrine mix and make sweet mineral love

Photo: © SynChronNic

#13. The striking similarity between an elephant foot (cross-section) and a human foot (x-ray)

Photo: © JeffTrav

#14. Impressive. Aerial view of New Delhi, India

Photo: © Ballsofhumansteel

#15. The Sri Lanka protesters lying in the President’s living room and watching their own protest live on TV

Photo: © MyForever_NameNow

#16. The armored skeleton of St. Panacratius from the Historical Museum of St. Gallen.

Photo: © ObliviousWealth

#17. This is an infrared image from around 47-50km above Venus’s surface.

Photo: © Nayib_Ozzy

#18. Lions were quite common in Southern Europe and only went extinct in this region around 1000 BC

Photo: © homo_artis

#19. The aerial view of Niagara Falls is unbelievably magnificent

Photo: © Quest7575

#20. 48 different colors of the moon, all photographed in 10 years

Photo: © Bojangly7