20 Images Showing What Happens When Weird Ideas Come To Life

A human mind is able to think the weirdest stuff and human hands are able to create both the most genius and the most absurd things. We’re sure we’ll have the chance to speak about the genius stuff but this time we have compiled 20 weird photos of the most absurd and tasteless objects that ever come to one’s mind to create.

Most of them are so ridiculous they are even hard to believe. But we believe in what we see, so just scroll down to see yourself and rate the strangest one on the scale of 1-10. Let’s go have some real fun!

#1. A limo at a greyhound race track

Photo: © BobHopeWould

#2. John Lennon’s Rolls Royce…

Photo: © Signalreceived

#3. Did you look at it long enough to actually start liking it?

Photo: © HauteLlama

#4. When you want a water bottle close by on your ride.

Photo: © Browndog888

#5. Try to explain the symbolism

Photo: © kani_mar_twitch

#6. Goatse plugs…

Photo: © Rnc88

#7. “The Crapper Car” from the Houston Art Car Parade

Photo: © ral365

#8. Activated by the pressure from the seat, the face sings a strange drunken tune and slowly moves towards you… Making the room smaller and smaller, until its lips ‘kiss’ your knees

Photo: © SprinklesPublic

#9. Russian Mobster’s gravestone

Photo: © Cebarsmod

#10. Turkey foot knife. Who even thinks about creating such things?

Photo: © F4L2OYD13

#11. The Latest Double Mustache Trend…

Photo: © AdministrationSolid4

#12. A $500 Chair— and they’re not lion about it.

Photo: © notsomethingcreative

#13. It’s cool until everything is on fire

Photo: © SloanPwn

#14. A pair of sneakers made with the McDonald’s BTS Meal packaging

Photo: © wolf-bot

#15. Hood ornament…

Photo: © Familiar_Big3322

#16. Why on earth would anyone create red cabbage slippers?

Photo: © KickolasNage

#17. Cat-alytic Converter

Photo: © IPlayTf2Engineer

#18. Found your nose over my business

Photo: © I_Am_Not_Alpharius

#19. How creative should someone get?

Photo: © drcinder

#20. Ceramic vegetable-themed skulls

Photo: © bruceyj