20 Illogical Situations That Will Leave You All Confused Before You Even Realise What’s Going On There

Our mind is used to certain images and once we see them we immediately recognize these things and objects. But it only takes a second glance to realize that we’re looking at something completely different. Or are we? This is where the puzzling time comes.

We have prepared some really absurd and “making no sense” photos here that will definitely leave you all confused before you’ll find out what’s actually going on in them. Keep on scrolling to see if these things still fit in your logic, and if not, please leave a comment so that we know we’re not alone here!

#1. The tail is just shocked

Photo: © YextFE

#2. I guess he doesn’t realise what he’s up to

Photo: © _miku_hatsune

#3. This is a sign that you shouldn’t eat the last piece

Photo: © YextFE

#4. Just a casual taming here

Photo: © YextFE

#5. Why on earth would anyone let this happen?

Photo: © YextFE

#6. This is what happens when you keep on watering it

Photo: © NeurotypicalPanda

#7. The obvious is obvious

Photo: © ijustwantheadpatspls

#8. Baby, it’s cold outside

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

#9. Oh, that Upper East Side life

Photo: © YextFE

#10. Masks upgrade 2022

Photo: © YextFE

#11. Who are you trying to make a clown from?

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

#12. Omg, what am I doing here?

Photo: © 33Fanste33

#13. He’s not happy with this at all

Photo: © lostproton

#14. Who wants a ride?

Photo: © TooHigh2Die420

#15. The soulmate

Photo: © YextFE

#16. Seriously, what is this?

Photo: © Yeeslander

#17. Make art with cigarettes

Photo: © ghxstfacekillah

#18. The trick to perfect noodles?

Photo: © Flimsy_Government142

#19. Ladies love me

Photo: © YextFE

#20. Some stubborn plants

Photo: © GemmTheCosmic