20 Illogical Situations That Will Have You Questioning Reality

As we go about our daily lives, our minds become accustomed to certain images and patterns. We are able to quickly recognize and categorize the objects and scenes that we encounter. But every once in a while, something completely unexpected catches our eye, and we are left wondering what we are seeing.

These strange and confusing photos are sure to leave you scratching your head and wondering what could possibly be going on. Some may seem completely absurd and make no sense at first glance, but with a closer look, you may find that there is more to these images than meets the eye.

So take a moment to scroll through these bizarre photos, and see if your mind can make sense of what you are seeing.

1. I would like an explanation of why specifically seven Glocks and one 1911.

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

2. Clean your bong!

Photo: © sometimesisleeptoo

3. Looks more like a South East Asian motorcycle taxi driver and customer in the back.

Photo: © imakemediocreart

4. Seems pleased about it at least.

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

5. Yo Listen up here’s a story, about a little guy that lives in a blue world.

Photo: © xZOMBIETAGx

6. The owner must be famous, with a lot of fans.

Photo: © Inevitable_Juice_666

7. Very interesting, I would like to know more about Chinese.

Photo: © TembyDerp

8. It could be us, but you do not celebrate the international day of Crucian carp.

Photo: © No-Role1948

9. He has very hairy legs…

Photo: © overDock787

10. I think holding the phone that way is way worse.

Photo: © Hell-666

11. This is what the error “Task failed successfully” means.

Photo: © 2censworth

12. I’m pretty sure this is a skin in some call of duty no?

Photo: © Proof_Currency1617

13. Every car in zombie games is like.

Photo: © queensnipe

14. This is one of those half-basement, apartments in Korea, like in “Parasite”.

Photo: © lastdrops

15. It’s pretty accurate.

Photo: © zoepertom

16. You need to get off your HIGH horse.

Photo: © Feathered_Brick

17. hmmm

Photo: © HighSpeedDoggo

18. Do you think they have Pepsi?

Photo: © XX_NOHAXX

19. Having been in a rollover in a tank, it’s not fun.

Photo: © Inevitable_Juice_666

20. Casual Friday.

Photo: © Uhh_13