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20 Hilarious Photos of the Most Epic Fails and Misfortune Captured on Camera

It was a typical Monday morning. You had set your alarm for 6:30 am and went to bed early the night before, determined to start the week off right. You wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle the day. But as you reach for your phone to check the time, you realize it’s dead. You frantically search for your charger, but it’s nowhere to be found. You’re already running late, and now you have no way to call for a ride or check the time. You consider waking up your roommates, but they have early morning classes and you don’t want to disturb them. As you’re getting dressed, you notice that one of your pant legs is covered in a mysterious substance. You have no idea what it is, but you know you don’t have time to change. You’ll just have to deal with the strange stains on your pants all day.

You finally make it out the door, only to discover that it’s raining. And not just a light drizzle, but a full-blown downpour. You don’t have an umbrella, and all of your jackets are still damp from the rain the previous week. So You resign yourself to the fact that you’ll be soaked by the time you get to work. As you’re walking to the bus stop, you slip on a wet leaf and fall flat on your face. You can feel the stares of the other pedestrians as you pick yourself up and brush the dirt off your clothes. You’re already having the worst day ever, and it’s not even 9 am yet.
You finally make it to the bus stop, but as you’re waiting for the bus, you realize you left your wallet at home. You have no cash or cards to pay for the ride. You’re stranded and have no way to get to work.

As you trudge back home, you can’t help but wonder how your day could possibly get any worse. But somehow, it does. When you get home, you realize that you’ve lost your keys. You’re locked out of your own apartment. It’s official: this is the worst day of your life.

But at least you can find some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in having a terrible day. There are plenty of others out there who have had days just as bad, if not worse. So take a deep breath, laugh it off, and remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day.

1. Blazing Saddles 2.

Photo: © duncan_D_sorderly

2. I bought my kid a drone for Christmas, but the wife doesn’t love it.

Photo: © Cichlidsaremyjam

3. Samsonite. I was WAY off!

Photo: © Dull-Tale4510

4. Hopefully you’re having a better day than I am.

Photo: © Joey-Itsuki

5. My bicycle the next day.

Photo: © doublyempty

6. Welp! Raycon’s magnet is a bit too strong I guess?

Photo: © eveningsand

7. Autobahn toilet paper.

Photo: © LowNslow09

8. Missed my target this morning.

Photo: © Happykittymeowmeow

9. New guy at work made an oopsie.

Photo: © Mikey_Meatballs

10. Whole county was virtually untouched by a windstorm, except for this guy’s two cars.

Photo: © ceramic_gnome10

11. A tree fell on my place of work today…

Photo: © ceramic_gnome10

12. One of my drunk “friends” burnt me with a lighter last night.

Photo: © OMW2FYB1994

13. I picked up an old bottle of hair dye and it broke in my hand.

Photo: © AcidicSlimeTrail

14. House caught on fire a little bit this morning.

Photo: © andyroouu

15. Glass Shower Door Shattered While On Vacation.

Photo: © MCAnonyMats

16. So I came back to my apartment after spending the holidays at my parents and while I was out the water inside the fire sprinkler pipes decided to get some fresh air and stretch its legs bringing the ceiling, the insulation & mystery ceiling filth along with it soaking & ruining everything in this room.

Photo: © Grandmaofhurt

17. Our sweet 7-year-old dog has a new fireworks phobia thanks to the neighbor who just had to shoot illegal fireworks off above our house.

Photo: © freebaer

18. First pizza of 2023.

Photo: © birdlawyerval

19. My Boss installed a water dispenser yesterday. This morning, we got into the office to do this.

Photo: © Mairess99

20. Happy new year to me.

Photo: © PinotManiac