20 Hilarious Photos Beyond Any Logic That Will Make You Go “Hmm” And Laugh Out Loud

Humor is what will save this world. Or at least that’s what they say. Okay, they say it about beauty but that’s not the point here.

We simply can’t get enough of these funny images although it’s hard to understand what’s actually going on there. But real humor needs no explanation, right? Keep on scrolling to see these photos and we’ll leave the conclusions to you.

Although it’s killing us to know how these things happened and what’s actually going on there, these photos are so hilarious there’s even no need to know the prehistory or the logic in them.

#1. What I was wearing when I burned down the universe

Photo: © johancoffey

#2. What if every historical movie is shot in this way?

Photo: © Alborto_

#3. “OMG, I forgot to shave”

Photo: © lewisyext

#4. He actually believes this will gonna save him

Photo: © Metalloid_Emon

#5. Bikers in the 19th century

Photo: © UniversityClean1855

#6. Found the comfiest place to sleep

Photo: © lewisyext

#7. The safest place to have a game

Photo: © chanAD

#8. Mermaids do work out

Photo: © HackABull

#9. Oops, that must be inconvenient, or maybe not?

Photo: © OLDSKYLbI

#10. Find 5 differences

Photo: © sheheryarkhan345

#11. The prince on a white horse 

Photo: © lewisyext

#12. When everything’s out of control but you still got shame

Photo: © Grillos

#13. Too much farting causes an explosion

Photo: © Loose-Chicken5716

#14. How could this possibly happen?

Photo: © Whispering_Product_

#15. Car accidents doubled after this baby made its appearance

Photo: © lewisyext

#16. Mommies are careful but daddies are more inventive

Photo: © SandeMC

#17. There is light at the end of the tunnel

Photo: © trash_player011

#18. We felt the pain here

Photo: © Lorshiesha_

#19. Try to guess who doesn’t belong here?

Photo: © Chaz_Carlos

#20. Follow the instructions and you’ll be stuck here forever

Photo: © chc_love