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20 Heartwarming Photos That Will Shed Light On These Dark Days

With the recent events happening in the world, positivity and happiness have become a luxury that no one seems to afford. Each day we are waiting for a miracle to hear that the world is peaceful again, and people are kinder and happy again. In these toughest times, all we can do is cheer ourselves a little and distract from reality from time to time. Sometimes good things happen close to us, and all we need is to notice them even when it’s hard.

Our team at Modern Mood wants to bring some brightness to these darkest times and has prepared a collection of 20 heart-warming images that will surely make your day and remind you that positivity still exists if only one remembers to look around and find it. Scroll down to see the photos and simply smile.

#1. He beat cancer (Stage IV NB) and finally made it to Fenway!

Photo: © xIAmSpartacusx

#2. I’ve come to bring peace

Photo: © Kruegr

#3. Their happy faces are happiness

Photo: © jollygreengentile

#4. You are blessed to find such a butterfly

Photo: © ThePlayfulEspionage

#5. Nature is still number one in surprising us

Photo: © Wombletog

#6. Four years ago, we found this puppy running loose in our neighborhood, put a bowtie on him, and named him Kole

Photo: © HilariouslyBloody

#7. What a beauty and charm.

Photo: © SnooDoodles857

#8. Not only humans experience lazy days

Photo: © likeafish253

#9. And all the problems disappear suddenly

Photo: © Intrepid_Nothing9561

#10. My son, the artist…

Photo: © shotty293

#11. I wish I were that happy when I saw a bean sprout.

Photo: © blek_blek

#12. My sister, who is at my house painting one of the bedrooms, sent me this for approval

Photo: © Cautious-Damage7575

#13. The princess, the ray of sunshine

Photo: © Shallowground01

#14. What grace, beauty, and cuteness

Photo: © bestdeals321

#15. A gift to a transgender.

Photo: © FiddlerKillerOfKings

#16.  Looking like a bear cub and all cute.

Photo: © asilvertintedrose

#17. Next level surprise …

Photo: © GroundbreakingSet187

#18. This kid is so adorable; she made our day.

Photo: © kimbury90

#19. Look at this  ball of fluff, and you will definitely smile

Photo: © olliepark

#20. Small things know how to melt hearts

Photo: © goldbutthole