20 Heart-melting Photos Of Animals Looking At Their Owners With The Most Loving Glances

What does that mean when the pet stares at its owner with a super adorable glance? Pet owners may know better like they want to cuddle, or they’re angry or just admiring their owners, but what we see is the definition of pure love and cuteness.

Even though our beloved friends can’t speak they find millions of different ways to say “I love you”. And this post perfectly describes one of these ways: a loving glance at their human.

Scroll down to see the photos and be prepared to have your heart melted with this overdose of cuteness.

#1. The most loving cat we have ever met.

Photo: © hitthebrownnote

#2. Mirin or begging? The world will never know

Photo: © abbykaitlan

#3. The way this cat looks at its owner is so adorable

Photo: © Asianboye

#4. So much love in one glance

Photo: © brettermichael

#5. The cutest cuddles and the purest glance

Photo: © avawong

#6. Cosmo, turning on the charm.

Photo: © pyrmomma0135

#7. He turns me into a puddle every day.

Photo: © abbiemosk

#8. There’s always time for a paw.

Photo: © Jordan1640

#9. How cute is this?

Photo: © I_live_4_my_animals

#10. He just tucked his head in

Photo: © puma_themagicaltiger

#11. Look at this love!

Photo: © ayQue

#12. This glance filled with love is everything

Photo: © duhpanduh

#13. This kind stranger just wanted to play, I obliged him and he loved me for it.

Photo: © 613TheEvil

#14. Pure love is made of this

Photo: © myapurple

#15. Offended but still loving

Photo: © DeadHeadRoadKing

#16. Cat? I’m a kitty cat.

Photo: © Elbarto9000

#17. This has got our hearts melted

Photo: © singleseatonthebus

#18. Just when I think I can’t possibly love him any more, I look up from studying and he’s just—

Photo: © helloitslar

#19. The way she looks at him is magical

Photo: © alaelh

#20. I’ll protect you. The cutest one!

Photo: © JustAMan1234567