20 Gracious Cats That Pose Better Than Any Supermodel On A Runway Show

Cats are independent, cats are naughty, selfish, cats are liquids, and cats are supermodels. Is there a role a cat can’t play? We started seriously doubting that. The fact is whatever cats do, they do it gracefully and always stay elegant no matter what.
Some have also mastered the art of posing and modeling. It’s really fun to look at the best shots of supermodel cats but the truth is that we are a little jealous of them. But, oh, we do admire these little creatures.

Scroll down to see the most beautiful shots of fluffy animals that pose even better than supermodels on runway shows.

#1. Those eyes will get you hypnotized

Photo: © ChihuahuaPatronus

#2. Look at her amazing tail!

Photo: © Gusinator1

#3. This is Julia, the white beauty!

Photo: © -xeN-

#4. Always feeling proud when they take his pictures

Photo: © enrocc

#5. On the right, dress by Zac Posen. On the left, Furr by de Gato

Photo: © meister2a

#6. Supermodel cloud

Photo: © prawnydogberry

#7. How stylish does this headband look on him

Photo: © yonatan

#8. Baby Lily is a very promising 9-week old supermeowdel

Photo: © nicolebun

#9. Today I don’t feel like doing anything

Photo: © ArgentumAura

#10. Socrate, 2, is an actual real-life supermodel cat

Photo: © BadFurDay

#11. Gorgeous cato

Photo: © Sagnikk

#12. So skilled in posing already

Photo: © SayHiToFinn

#13. One of the most beautiful cats

Photo: © jorevotion

#14. They don’t work, but Stephen has the most beautiful eyes.

Photo: © jujukamoo

#15. Isn’t his highness just stunning?

Photo: © Kibitchzer

#16. Flerken knows how to find the light

Photo: © ToyboxTyrant

#17. He owns the runaway. Fabulous catwalk

Photo: © ILeadAgirlGang

#18. She’s 3 years old but still looks like an itty bitty ashy kitty

Photo: © destructdisc

#19. Don’t mind her tiny human hind legs!

Photo: © shminkydink

#20. Lady from the stars!

Photo: © ChihuahuaPatronus