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20 girls who show that the same person in a photo can be both a cutie and a nightmare

Many people are afraid of their nasty photos. They instantly remove them from the gallery, rush about in a panic if someone posts a picture where they are not good enough, train poses, and use editors to hide flaws. But let’s face it: even the most beautiful person can, under certain conditions, look like a little monster in a picture. The main thing is to treat it with humor, like the girls in this post who deliberately take bad photos, reducing everyone’s anxiety about this.

1. I’m going to a Halloween party and can’t decide. Should I be a witch or a sexy bee?

Photo: © GhostofRutherford

2. Pinky in the streets, thumb in the sheets

Photo: © junior_Bizarre

3. What am I doing with my life?

Photo: © canvaswolf

4. It’s just one of those days where the other six alter-egos want to come out and play

Photo: © LayneeDivinee

5. I have become one with my chins.

Photo: © canvaswolf

6. I’ve been trying to find my mind lately, I can almost see it, and then it’s gone

Photo: © Dipitydoodahdipityay

7. Only seconds apart …

Photo: © 444prism444

8. Being transgender really has me seeing either of these in the mirror depending on my mood

Photo: © 1973Delta88

9. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you didn’t get into trouble over the long weekend!

Photo: © sarahsaurusrexxx

10. I have a coldaaaaahhh

Photo: © Alarming-Net4784

11. I’m not that pretty anyway

Photo: © sarahsaurusrexxx

12. These are so much fun! Happy Saturday!

Photo: © ffieses

13. My face hurts…

Photo: © tootyfruitysummerluv

14. Bedtime selfie.

Photo: © sarahsaurusrexxx

15. I’m titling this one “Lactose Intolerance”

Photo: © KaleidoKitty

16. Another day, another…

Photo: © meghanlovessunshine

17. Okay, I’ll try again ) ugly?

Photo: © tootyfruitysummerluv

18. Warning!! you have been warned

Photo: © /Double-Programmer-36

19. Losing hair from chemo makes selfie thumb powers skyrocket

Photo: © 444prism444

20. I think my daughter qualifies for this subreddit

Photo: © meghanlovessunshine