20 Funny Photos That Will Definitely Turn Frowns Into A Wide Smile

Start the day with a smile, and all the challenges you meet throughout the day will feel less stressful and depressing. We found the perfect way to start the day, the week, the month, or whatever with a wide smile on our faces.

What can be more uplifting than a collection of funny situations that will 100 % change your frown to a smile?

Scroll down to see this post of 20 hilarious shots and comment on the one you laughed out loud at.

#1. I had a long, hard day

Photo: © Meme_original

#2. Joseph looks like he’s seen some shit

Photo: © NotInMyShop

#3. What is this “juicer” used for exactly?

Photo: © eliazer1

#4. Not that romantic after all, huh?

Photo: © Oscar_on_a_mac

#5. Someone knows how to make a snowman

Photo: © Birdy_Cephon_Altera

#6. The right way to wazaap

Photo: ©

#7. What exactly were they trying to spell here?

Photo: © eliazer1

#8. This is what a true fan means

Photo: © UniversityClean1855

#9. I wonder if he runs the same way as the detective?

Photo: © Movie_Advance_101

#10. When you spotted your Dad on Google maps and couldn’t resist…

Photo: © jetchflosher

#11. Caught in the middle of a crime

Photo: © kram_mark01

#12. The samsara rules

Photo: © DaBearsFanFromIowa

#13. Contemplating life in this late hour

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#14. Spiderman: Work From Home

Photo: © Spiderman: Work From Home

#15. Legit signpost…

Photo: © nofomo2

#16. Somebody, tell me what’s wrong with my friend’s face?

Photo: © /jlbaumgaust

#17. Dashing through the No

Photo: © roshroxx

#18. They said it’s dangerous to play football

Photo: © ichand

#19. Festivities are closer this way

Photo: © miguelopop

#20. It’s just a rug; what’s weird about it?

Photo: © 33Fanste33