20 Funny Photos That We Don’t Have A Clue What’s Happening In

Nearly 8 billion people live on the planet, and each of them is unique and rare in its own way. Each of them lives in their own world, each has his own vision of life, and each is weird in their own way. In fact, if you travel the world, you will see that no human is ordinary and definitely has some strange habits.
This post is dedicated to those strange individuals who stormed the internet with their weird lifestyles, habits, and creations. Our team has prepared 20 funny photos that are hard even to caption because what’s happening in the pictures is not apparent. Scroll down to see the collection and comment on the strangest situation.

#1. This is what he meant when he said he’s into bikes.

Photo: © cat_play_computer

#2. Russian style garages be like.

Photo: © x2py

#3. Died with style.

Photo: © BettiA4114

#4. Mr. Clean cleaning his cleanings.

Photo: © BettiA4114

#5. The graveyard of old iPhones.

Photo: © ubreakitifixit

#6. What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me, baby, don’t hurt me no more!

Photo: © Metalloid_Emon

#7. “Boss, can I get a standing desk?”

Photo: © Homebrew2021

#8. We better not comment on this one

Photo: © 3DRAH33M

#9. One of those awful things with great execution

Photo: © SalazarRED

#10. When you hurry to dry your car after being washed.

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#11. We notice a talent here.

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#12. If one doesn’t work, the other most definitely will.

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#13. Water does not harm me, John.

Photo: © x2py

#14. We want to see thin on the move

Photo: © 1SoulGamer4

#15. Did you ever feel pain looking at a photo?

Photo: © _metroGnome

#16. Why do they look like angry birds?

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#17. “Putting out fire with gasoline” David Bowie 1982

Photo: © FilthyPirate22

#18. He definitely unlocked an achievement with all those bugs on his face

Photo: © theraybenton

#19. Emergency raincoat…

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#20. God save this track

Photo: © tangre79