20 Funny Inexplicable Situations Where Logic Obviously Has Left The Chat

How you perceive this world and everything around you determine who you actually are. But when you don’t perceive and get what’s happening around you at all, where does this leave you?

Honestly, we have tried to figure out what’s going on in the photos compiled in this post but to say we had much success is to lie. Now we know where this leaves us; each of these photos has left us confused and lost in the middle of reality and our perceptions of it.

Scroll down to see some funny and confusing stuff, and tell us which one of them you had the hardest time figuring out what’s happening in the photos.

#1. The highway to hell

Photo: © Rredite

#2. Tips on how to save space

Photo: © tangre79

#3. Give me your best; I’m getting married today

Photo: © Redr_Evergrey

#4. When hard work meets perfectionism

Photo: © Sifyreel

#5. The truest kind of love

Photo: © /imakemediocreart

#6. The days of goofy are over

Photo: © x2py

#7. Existential crisis be like

Photo: © x2py

#8. Hotdogs crying in the corner

Photo: © GetRidOfTheDakotas

#9. Let’s give that chick a drive

Photo: © unoiamaQT

#10. Lock your ears, and don’t let a single word come out from another!

Photo: © Odd-Rutabaga-6745

#11. Here we go again…

Photo: © Yazzi1018

#12. Things may not always make sense to you

Photo: © /SomeoneTookMyCake

#13. And they bite once in a while

Photo: © Redr_Evergrey

#14. “Tell me, son, why have you come today?”

Photo: © HybridLightAI

#15. Russian waterparks be like


#16. The table is all set for Mr. Dali.

Photo: © astronight_

#17. Serial killer trophies.

Photo: © Idle_Tech

#18. Elsa has grown already

Photo: © /9_Taurus

#19. Green energy?

Photo: © x2py

#20. A sarcastic display of the quality of houses today

Photo: © x2py