20 Fluffy Photos Of Alaskan Malamutes Proving These Are The Most Adorable Dogs On The Planet

Who said that severe-looking dogs can’t be super goofy, funny, and adorable? Where there is a fluff there is always extra cuteness and foolishness. And who can prove it better than Alaskan Malamutes with their over playfulness and charming clumsiness?

Malamutes are in fact everything you are searching for in a dog, they are energetic, human-oriented, and extra wild at the same time.

Malamutes are used to harsh winter climates and lots of exercises so they always should be in a move, active running, and living an energetic life. Maybe this is the explanation to all the playful photos compiled in our article where besides showing their energy these canines showcase their cuteness and adorable nature.

Malamutes prove that the bigger you get the goofier you become. Wanna see some proof? Just keep on scrolling to check these goofy creatures and get some positive vibes to keep you energized during the whole weekend.

#1. A Classic derp

Photo: © ellieB0W

#2. “You don’t need a boyfriend, you have me”

Photo: © InterestingPost8

#3. He’s watching everyone from above

Photo: © smack-cranberries

#4. The handsome boy

Photo: © river_giantmalamute

#5. A Ghost in the snow

Photo: © woowoomalamute

#6. Puppy Miwok wishes you all a lovely day!

Photo: © a.wolf.thing

#7. “Welcome back Hooman. Did you remember to buy my tuna?”

Photo: © trez_and_tydus

#8. Look at this adorable giant

Photo: © chimbombas_

#9. Good morning beauty

Photo: © HerbedgolD

#10. Zuko is enjoying the quarantine more than most people.

Photo: © GameSensation

#11. Yogi loves cuddles in bed

Photo: © DuskRaiderXIV

#12. His ears are love!

Photo: © xxmaryyjane

#13. Chewie is pretty much happy all the time

Photo: © therealmowpow1

#14. This is Burt, don’t tell him he doesn’t fit

Photo: © nanamctata

#15. “I love waking up to this face every morning”

Photo: © tweetybean

#16. His face tells he gives the best of cuddles

Photo: © Kalyato108

#17. He’s too thrilled to be adopted

Photo: © Alternative_Pie_3602

#18. Still a puppy in his heart

Photo: © /visservtec

#19. The goofy big boy

Photo: © Malliemomx5

#20. A massive dude!

Photo: © sreggink1988