20 Fluffy Creatures That Will Brighten Even The Gloomiest Day

There is actually very little needed to brighten a gloomy day, and, as a rule, only our fluffy friends can do that and immediately come to help. Ever-moist noses, wiggling tails, happy faces, and the softest fur. What else do we need to relieve stress?

The Modern Mood team has compiled the sweetest and the most joyful collection of adorable animals to help you start the year with a wide smile.

#1. Sibling kittens look hotter every day

Photo: © heer22

#2. These two are pure love

Photo: © goldnail

#3. Surprise in toilet

Photo: © avrin33

#4. Lola’s first time walking on snow is something graceful

Photo: © drinvictus

#5. Hipsters in the office

Photo: © quintsEASTwood

#6. We can’t even begin to describe the beauty in this

Photo: © 4NGST3rr

#7. Meet Loki, the cutest entry to the family

Photo: © _Tulkas_

#8. Luna gets so derpy happy whenever I reach out and hold her paw

Photo: © GypseboQ

#9. The reason why they say cats are liquids

Photo: © Missiscipi

#10. Home party hangover

Photo: © Tandorantha

#11. This dog has a resting bitch face.

Photo: © Mw4810

#12. So cute and graceful

Photo: © odentfacedisorder

#13. This is a dog who absolutely, positively does not want to take a bath

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#14. Why don’t you go and sit in the cat basket, Karen?

Photo: © Akira_and_Barns

#15. “Where’s the food” face is so funny yet adorable

Photo: © attia_cecchi

#16. Blocking the view never looked so funny

Photo: © sunshinecamel

#17. Exhausted after a meal

Photo: © ammadurb

#18. Ready to party

Photo: © hotoshopme118

#19. The most desirable gifts wrapped for Christmas

Photo: © alazarRED

#20. Deserved power nap

Photo: © amjagoprime