20 Flashing 3D Tattoos As Inspiration Of New Dimensions On Your Body

Tattoo masters are also artists and master the skill of painting as much as other artists. Well, there is a stereotypical approach towards this kind of art, but let’s admit this is a really hard job, which takes real talent and accuracy.

When things come to 3D art it gets more complicated, detailed and, oh God, beyond cool. 3D has definitely opened new dimensions for tattoo lovers. Some of these works are so mind-blowing they will make you look twice just to check if you’re seeing a real spider on your hand or it’s just a fake nightmare.

We prepared some tattoo photos that even those who are against getting tattoos will appreciate and get some inspiration and ideas for their next visit to a tattoo artist.


Photo: © Dinosounds


Photo: © Dinosounds


Photo: © black_kraken_ink


Photo: © malavida.tattoo


Photo: © DreamWillofKadath


Photo: © Dinosounds


Photo: © sony_m78


Photo: © Dinosounds


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Photo: © Dinosounds


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Photo: © malavida.tattoo


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Photo: © AlbertoAru