20 Fascinating Shots Showing The Wholistic Splendor Of Nature And Its Endless Wonders

We can’t help admiring Nature and being amazed at every creation of it. There are more than 8,7 million animal species and around 400000 plants known and estimated by scientists, and each one of them is unique in its kind. After all, it’s not a secret that the greatest artist is nature itself, and its creatures are the silent proof of its genuine talent

We think no more words are needed here, just check out the photos and admire Nature’s full majesty and splendor.

#1. Splendid Fairywrens that make us believe in fairy tales

Photo: © Impossible_Metal838

#2. Chimp caught heartily laughing is cuteness

Photo: © astralrig96

#3. The symbiosis between Spider and Oryx. Cool pic

Photo: © 2bias_4ever

#4. Artist’s Conk. Nature is the best artist

Photo: © Alaric_Darconville

#5. Jaguarundi encounter in the Colombian Llanos

Photo: © OncaAtrox

#6. Man-O-War is equipped with long, venomous tentacles that deliver a nasty sting known to be fatal.

Photo: © runyoufreak

#7. The beautiful blue crane, South Africa’s national bird.

Photo: © /Frantos-SA

#8. Bald Eagle claiming its prey

Photo: © nigmaQQ

#9. Nature keeps on amazing us. Toborochi trees.

Photo: © amonaloli12

#10. Great white shark has never been this great before

Photo: © pantaloonsss

#11. Lightning in the form of a crow By Larry Zimmer

Photo: © CharityOk4970

#12.  Jaguar mating pair seen at the Floresta Nacional de Carajás, Brazilian Amazon.

Photo: © /OncaAtrox

#13. Juvenile yellow boxfish (Osctracion cubicus) is so sweet

Photo: © Impossible_Metal838

#14. Mama spider. So dreadful yet beautiful

Photo: © mts2snd

#15. Boreal owl says no one’s home.

Photo: © aquilasr

#16. This incredible moth wears the coolest gown we’ve ever seen

Photo: © hello-wow

#17. “Safe” at Wapusk National Park, Canada by Brian Matthews.

Photo: © Impossible_Metal838

#18. Sociable weaver’s bird’s nest, the largest nest in the world

Photo: © RRI16

#19. The graceful landing of a Cardinal

Photo: © Gavin_beast13

#20. Frogs can swap genders.

Photo: © GroundbreakingSet187