20 Fascinating Shots Of Nature That Remind Us To Live In The Moment And Admire The Coolest Aspects of This World

Even if we study biology our whole lives, it will never be enough to learn about all the incredible creatures around us. And suppose we study geography all our lives. In that case, that will also never be enough to know all the fascinating corners of this planet and recognize the amazing phenomena that surround us.

All we can do is admire and fully enjoy the coolest aspects of Nature and get the daily dose of knowledge little by little. Don’t try to remember the most complicated names of species or places; sometimes looking is enough. As Picasso used to say, art is not supposed to be explained; you must only look and admire it.

#1. Tibetan pheasants. They always look so judgemental.

Photo: © SingaporeCrabby

#2. Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko is such a cute weirdo

Photo: © McThompson

#3. The Blue Dragonfly looks like coming from another world

Photo: © crinnoire

#4. Five whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in nocturnal waters off the Maldives

Photo: © bellas

#5. The world from Under an Elephant

Photo: © justadair

#6. Sunrise in Alberta, Canada! So blessed to see this.

Photo: © AdamB1195

#7. The blooming flower is the symbol of growth and life

Photo: © justadair

#8. Synchronous fireflies  make it all magical again

Photo: © Mint_Perspective

#9. This fallen tree from the storm is a one absolute unit

Photo: © Random_silly_name

#10. It gets breathtaking here. Gradients in stratocumulus clouds

Photo: © /justadair

#11. Blue Ice Cave at Lake Baikal, Siberia.

Photo: © mb557x

#12. Turkey Vulture. don’t underestimate how giant these creatures are

Photo: © LowDownSlim

#13. Parrot feathers are an artwork

Photo: © justadair

#14. Prosopocoilus giraffa borobudur of Indonesia

Photo: © hexagonalpolygonz

#15. Inside a wave in the USA. The ocean is lit

Photo: © AdamB1195

#16. A Baby Aardwolf is just as cute as kitties and puppies

Photo: © DoreenNicole

#17. The poor thing with a hook in its Jaws. The Bull Shark is one magnificent creature.

Photo: © julianofcanada

#18. Baby pheasant coucals, Australia

Photo: © SingaporeCrabby

#19. Flamingo Tongue Snail. They have adapted to withstand toxins and become toxic themselves for protection.

Photo: © mb557x

#20. Serengeti, Tanzania. This looks awesome

Photo: © jbellas