20 Fascinating Photos Proving This World Has Way More To Offer Than We Imagine

Every time you feel down or small, remember how fascinating the world is where we live in and we are the smallest (well, maybe not the smallest) treasures it holds in itself. It is so full of amazing things that will make your head spin around when seeing them all together.

We won’t be able to show them “altogether” in one post but at least will present a small portion of different aspects of this planet, that will make you look at things differently and believe this world is more amazing and fascinating than it first seems.

#1. “Unbearable” is a bronze sculpture by the Danish artist Jens Galschiot. It consists of a graph showing the global fossil fuel carbon emissions, and an impaled polar bear.

Photo: © Successful_Donut_928

#2. Bear Mountain is one of the best-known peaks of New York’s Hudson Highlands.

Photo: © phuque_ewe

#3. The Coconut Crab, the world’s largest land-living arthropod

Photo: © tandyman234

#4. Lego flowers

Photo: © CapnFancyPants

#5. In 2016 giant balls of snow showed up at the Siberian beach. This rare phenomenon only happens when strong winds push and pull at coastal frost and ice.

Photo: © Fall_Is_Not_Autumn

#6. An egg with no yolk

Photo: © TotapoPrincess

#7. Macro shot of a Mayfly

Photo: © Macro shot of a Mayfly

#8. Went for a walk on a heavy rain day and the pants decided to produce soap

Photo: © BRRGSH

#9. The Catacombs is an underground tomb in Paris that hold the remains of more than six million people.

Photo: © Kojackcity

#10. How amazing are the purple clouds?

Photo: © ungry_stewdent

#11. An elephant leaving its imprint on the sand after a nights sleep.

Photo: © impala6781

#12. UV light is seen from blue light blocking glasses

Photo: © codedgar

#13. Baby barn owl heard the sound of thunder for the first time

Photo: © bandexad

#14. Who knows the name of this strange fungus?

Photo: © ecessaryShevil

#15. Bodega La Geria, made of bush vines grown in the black, volcanic landscape with each vine protected from the strong island winds by a dark semi-circular wall

Photo: © unknown

#16. This plant is still growing from the palms from my Great Aunt’s funeral in 1986

Photo: © Ken_Bania

#17. “Belgian Blue Bull”. The Hyper Buffed Up Muscular Physique is due to “Double Muscling Mutation”

Photo: © unquestionablysober

#18. Double lightning at the exact moment Newcastle, Australia

Photo: © JakeTheSandMan

#19. Inverted grate Icicles.

Photo: © jabawocki