20 Fascinating Photos Of Wilderness That No One Has Seen In This Way Before

As Cat Stevens said in his famous song: “Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world”. The real wildness of our world is way beyond the limits of our perception of it in the civilized world.

Most of us have seen the wilderness of our planet only on TV programs telling about the wildest animals and most exotic creatures. But there are way more incredible creatures behind the scenes of any TV show.

In this post, we have prepared just the wildness beyond our perception. We are more than sure no one has seen the world and its wildest creatures this way before. So, keep on scrolling to see how fantastic nature’s imagination can be.

#1. In the fall, the fully grown acorn weevil larva chews a perfectly round 1/8 inch hole in the side of the nut and emerges.

Photo: © OLDSKYLbI

#2. Homotherium, A saber tooth tiger that went extinct 30.000 years ago.

Photo: © WW3_GGs

#3. Hummingbird’s wing under the sunlight create magic

Photo: © SIRoA

#4. An Albino Alligator (Louisiana), Nature’s white serial killer

Photo: © Dutch_Midget

#5. Nature used all its colors to create this unique phyton

Photo: © Defiant_Cat7301

#6. Green sea turtle surfacing for air

Photo: © Bunnystrawbery

#7. Union is strength…

Photo: © TruStoryz

#8. Sleeping Squirrels in their nest on someone’s window ledge

Photo: © astacea

#9. Ibex. A goat or a deer?

Photo: © mrvxv

#10. An adorable fox sleeping on a skylight

Photo: © DingDongPuddlez

#11. Tasmanian Giant Crab, one of the largest crabs in the world, weighing 17 kg and has a shell width up to 46 cm (Australia)

Photo: © Dutch_Midget

#12. This leucistic spectacled owl looks very wise and almost surreal.

Photo: © happy_rich

#13. Ancient wisdom

Photo: © anastyalien

#14. The strongest Alaskan Brown Bear

Photo: © anthonyhui

#15. Hickory Horned Devil. Largest caterpillar in the world. Native to the eastern US. Turns into the regal moth. Can grow 6 inches long and is completely harmless except visually terrifying.

Photo: © Berdarien

#16. A Frogmouth with super camouflage

Photo: © aquilasr

#17. One of the rarest things from the underwater, a Southern Blue Ringed Octopus with a very fresh brood of eggs

Photo: © SammyGlenn94

#18. Fascinating view! Point Reyes, California

Photo: © Square_Breath_8268

#19. Tangled Baby Cobras

Photo: © crinnoire

#20. This is how baby hedgehogs look like. Bundles of joy

Photo: © Designer-Hat5536