20 Fascinating Photos As Brand New Discoveries That Will Make You Feel Happy To Be Alive

Why do you think human beings fear death? In fact, the fear of death is directly proportional to the fear of not managing to know about and experience all the wonders that this life has to offer us. And life has got endless of them. The world is such an amazing place to live, to learn, and to create that even a lifetime won’t be enough to absorb a fair portion of it.

We have prepared 20 photos and a bonus to quench your thirst for new discoveries and get you a daily portion of new and incredibly interesting information. Once you check out all the photos there’s no way you won’t be happy to be alive!

#1. A 76-year-old grave in London is still being looked after by someone

Photo: © Tom-_Bombadil

#2. Marauder ants have a special class of big ants that they ride like a bus to work, or into battle like elephant cavalry. These large ants serve as living heavy-duty tools for the much smaller workers.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#3. Man crushed by giant stone as he fled Pompeii eruption 2000 years ago.

Photo: © dangillmor7187

#4. $4 mil Quartz found in Arkansas

Photo: © eduardvld

#5. Doorbell belches fire when you ring it.

Photo: © Bmchris44

#6. Leaf Art made by Filipino Artist, Mary Mae Dacanay, using only a coconut leaf and cutter

Photo: © The_Love-Tap

#7. Frilled shark, A rare alien-like pre-historic shark, through evolution managed to survive a hundred million years. In 2004, marine biologists first observed the frilled shark at the depth of 873.55 m in its deep-water habitat at the Blake Plateau

Photo: © Xshameex

#8. Face protection from snowstorms. Canada, 1939


#9. Heart-shaped skulls in the Paris Catacombs.

Photo: © JohnArtemus

#10. Cemetery of Soviet military pilots in Estonia

Photo: © XMrFrozenX

#11. Cotton Candy Lobster. One in a million find

Photo: © lilaylie

#12. Ancient Carthaginian Gold Stater Minted 320 BC

Photo: © the_real_w00zi

#13. A stunning image of the Aurora Borealis as a flying Phoenix over Iceland.

Photo: © Fluid-Daydreamer

#14. A half-opened sunflower

Photo: © ottingpotatoes

#15. Panda caretakers in disguise train a baby panda to live in the wild

Photo: © lilaylie

#16. A fascinating bookstore in Dujiangyan, China

Photo: © xexodus69

#17. On Armistice Day in 2018, 888,246 ceramic poppies poured like blood from the Tower of London to remember the fallen soldiers of WWI

Photo: © New-Huckleberry5167

#18. This explains the perfection in Nature

Photo: © snailfood73

#19. Released pet goldfish are growing to football size & wreaking ecological havoc on Minnesota lakes and ponds.

Photo: © /scot816

#20. How beautiful is this? A fertile valley surrounded by desolate mountains

Photo: © MohanBhargava

#Bonus: Sakura Season is coming to Japan to enchant people

Photo: © zahramohamedz