20 Fascinating Mini Worlds That Made Us Believe In Alternate Universes

Noticing mini worlds inside our reality makes us imagine that our world also is only a tiny part of something bigger, a completely different universe. Though this may seem to be from a fantasy genre, we believe in a parallel universe anyway, where events co-exist on one’s own.

That is why we have compiled a cool collection of 20 mini-worlds that people have found or created themselves. Scroll down to see the fascinating photos and tell us what you think of alternate realities. Let’s go!

#1. The Reign of Colossal Tulips

Photo: © iboughtarock

#2. Living his best life in his own reality

Photo: © /Bry_in_the_sky

#3. There are four World Elephants under that turf

Photo: © vezun4ik75

#4. Electri-city

Photo: © YazanOnTheInternet

#5. So lovely. A mini underwater world in a resin cube

Photo: © emily3289

#6. This is just enchanting! Who else wants to live here?

Photo: © green__aubergine

#7. Giant dog peers over a freshly plowed street

Photo: © Enough-Action-90

#8. The amount of details is fascinating

Photo: © High_5

#9. Would you ever think that this is a puddle at sunset?

Photo: © Camn95

#10. A fairy door leading to a fairy door

Photo: © achaete_scute

#11. This is way too cool to actually use as a comb!

Photo: © emily3289

#12. No mushroom left in this high rise

Photo: © g_nome7

#13. Granny’s Canned Cannabis Farm

Photo: © tinywasteland

#14. A mini dinner table from another world

Photo: © goshortee

#15. Absolutely cool map.

Photo: © /itsWavie

#16. This Hobbit-like town in front of the house is quite perfect

Photo: © kalebdraws

#17. A wood comb with a fantastic mini world in it

Photo: © emily3289

#18. In another reality, some folks are making grapes

Photo: © /HappyGianca

#19. A tiny entryway as a portal to another world

Photo: © groggyjava

#20. Sidewalk art that will take you to old Mexico

Photo: © pedromiguelbcdv