20 Fascinating Creations Of Nature That Are The Proof Why It’s The Greatest Source Of Inspiration

If you need some inspiration and motivation then you definitely need to spend more time in Nature, go to the nearest park, sit by a lake, look at the sky and you’ll feel freer than ever, motivated, and most importantly at peace with yourself.

No wonder why the greatest minds and artists found inspiration for their art in Nature and from Nature. That’s because Nature is the mother and home to the most incredible and unbelievable phenomena, fascinating creatures, and rarest living souls. And this collection of 20 amazing photos are the best proof of that.

From a perfectly smooth and totally black lizard to graceful silver fox to the magical view of a reindeer under the Aurora, these photos will remind us how lucky we are to live under the sun and have the chance to enjoy and admire all the wonders that this life has gifted us with.

So just keep on scrolling to be part of the magic.

#1. The smooth Red Parrot

Photo: © nutrifake

#2. Black Tree Monitor or Beccari’s monitor that can grow to about 90–120 cm

Photo: © 6 days ago

#3.  Cheeky lynx. How lit is this?

Photo: © hconfiance

#4. The inside of a tree fern. How could this possibly happen?

Photo: © Tinea_Pedis

#5.The original silver fox, a melanistic morph of the red fox

Photo: © frogcharming

#6. The White-Lipped Python, one of nature’s reptilian masterpieces

Photo: © ManGo_50Y

#7. Jacaranda trees in full bloom! Parkview, Johannesburg, South Africa

Photo: © CamilTahan

#8. Giant Asian Shield Mantis, Malaysia.

Photo: © crinnoire

#9. This might be the first time you see a frowning owl

Photo: © nima_sh

#10. Time-lapse photo of hundreds of sunsets photographed Matt Molloy

Photo: © DiosMioMan2

#11. The plains of the Serengeti, Africa

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

#12. The biggest danger of the woods

Photo: © hconfiance

#13. One of the most beautiful sunsets in New Hampshire

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

#14. White tiger carrying its cub. Isn’t this lovely?

Photo: © EnigmaQQ

#15. For those who wondered what’s the difference between an alligator and a crocodile

Photo: © crinnoire

#16. A large pod of Orcas. By: Paul Nicklen

Photo: © hominoid_in_NGC4594

#17. This beauty is born when you annoy both Zeus and Poseidon

Photo: © hconfiance

#18. The rarest pink parrots

Photo: © V391Pegasi

#19. Reindeer under the aurora borealis.

Photo: © Gavin_beast13

#20. A delicate meeting of squirrels.

Photo: © PerspectiveFriendly