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20 Fantastic Shots That Helped Us Discover This World From Brand-New Angles

The discovery of the ancient prosthetic eye in Iran is just one of the many fascinating finds that have been made by archaeologists over the years. From ancient artifacts to hidden tombs and underground cities, the world is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

But it’s not just the past that holds wonders and marvels. In the present, we are constantly discovering new species of animals and plants, as well as exploring the vastness of the universe and the mysteries of the cosmos. From the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, there is always something new and exciting to learn about.

As we continue to explore and learn more about the world around us, we are constantly reminded of how vast and varied this planet is. From the tiniest microbes to the grandest landscapes, there is so much to discover and appreciate. So let’s keep searching and learning, for there is always more to uncover in this extraordinary world we call home.

#1. The clouds look like a tsunami. The timing is perfect

Photo: © demetri47

#2. $5k in gold vs. $5k in silver. I’ll take the gold!

Photo: © thebigchil73

#3. Terrific. An alligator, the Gar, was found in the fence after the Ian Hurricane

Photo: © phleep

#4. Adorable! An elephant and her calf wading through water hyacinth in Kaziranga National Park

Photo: © violetdragons

#5. The Strings of a Steinway Grand Piano look like this is a whole other world

Photo: © CharlesBrooks

#6. Mr. doodle has spent two years covering every square inch of his £1.35million house in doodles, working his way through 900 liters of emulsion, 401 cans of spray paint, 286 bottles of drawing paint, and 2,296 pen nibs

Photo: © cenabollywood

#7. The Allegory of Divine Providence and Barberini Power, a fresco by Italian painter Pietro da Cortona, filling the large ceiling of the grand salon of the Palazzo Barberini in Rome, Italy, begun in 1633 and completed in 1639.

Photo: © NeitherMedicine4327

#8. Transillumination of newborns head. This case is an example of a rare condition called “Hydranencephaly,” characterized by the destruction of the cerebral hemispheres

Photo: © Dusty5paw

#9. Japan is an animation scene after the rain

Photo: © Sapulinjing

#10. This 5,000-year-old prosthetic eye found near Zabol in Iran is the oldest in history. It was made from tar and animal fat and painted gold. The wearer was a 6′ tall priestess.

Photo: © politesIV

#11. This cat is suffering from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy – a rare condition that causes muscles to grow excessively large

Photo: © bsmith2123

#12. 17 tons of freshly picked Washington apples arriving from an orchard in Yakima

Photo: © -AtomicAerials-

#13. Someone’s nightmare. 1 million mosquitos.

Photo: © rockhavenrick

#14. The inside of a cluster bomb

Photo: © /faretu

#15. The colossal statue of King Tutankhamun was restored at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago in 1935.

Photo: © r2d2blue

#16. Chimps can lose their hair for several reasons, including genetic disorders and alopecia, the same hair loss that happens in humans.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#17. “Atlantic Ocean Road” in Norway. How fantastic it would feel to run along this road.

Photo: © faretu

#18. Metal shopping list 1940s. Do such things exist?

Photo: © makaros622

#19. The Crooked House, Canterbury, was built in the 17th century.

Photo: © iklegemma

#20. Time-lapse of the Moon and Venus behind Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo: © GriffinFTW