20 Fantastic Glow-ups Of People Who Were Once Ugly Ducklings But Now Have Turned Into Graceful Swans

Don’t ever ignore the unsightly and unattractive person in your class. Believe me, they turn out to be the ones you’ll kill to get attention from. All that matters is strong willpower and patience.

Lenses, braces, beard, makeup, change of hairstyle, or some lbs down – this is all that takes someone to turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful and graceful swan.

Our team has compiled the greatest transformations of people who really turned into butterflies. Check them out and tell “what’s your excuse?”

#1. From 13 to 17, a real change

Photo: © Unknown

#2. How hair changes everything

Photo: © Gee-wiliker

#3. Wow, now this is a real glow-up

Photo: © -JaneeDoee-

#4. 5 years apart. Lost some weight, gained some confidence, kept the hoodie!

Photo: © Rodger96

#5. Can’t believe this is the same men

Photo: © Alexjh93

#6. “Dyed my hair, opened my eyes, got eyebrows…”

Photo: © leafydew

#7. Wow, do you think this is the same person?

Photo: © -SpicyCactus-

#8. New style and facial hair seems to help

Photo: © Big_Grant

#9. One of the greatest transformations

Photo: © AliveAioli

#10. Never lose faith

Photo: © ezechielare

#11. Who’s laughing now?

Photo: © saxplayer0

#12. Working out and Water does wonders!

Photo: © three_bits_of_wood

#13. “10 to 20! My nickname used to be ugly”

Photo: © minjewe

#14. You go, girl!

Photo: © slicedgreenolive

#15. Did she change a lot?

Photo: © Immediate-Ad3566

#16. Some epic results here

Photo: © jaypkallday

#17. Speaking of glow-ups, who just nailed it?

Photo: © dfish357

#18. 13 VS 27. Speechless here

Photo: © PickledJuice69

#19. Wow, how did she do this?

Photo: © thugwvffle

#20. Rate this one!

Photo: © Lizard_Xing