20 extremely satisfying pics that will calm your mind by just looking at them

Isn’t it weird how we humans are drawn and satisfied by everything symmetrical and perfectly lined up? Actually, there’s an explanation for it. The human eye seeks symmetry in everything in its sight. And conveniently enough, nature also seeks symmetry in every way possible. Be it naturally occurring events or accidental marks anywhere, it’s always very pleasant to the eye when something is aligned perfectly.

So, take your time and enjoy these 20 pictures, we deliberately picked for your perfectionist’s eye.

1.Croissants waiting to be baked

Photo: © fattsoo

2.The result of painting in circles

Photo: © MEKYAS23

3.The structure of this mushroom from underneath

Photo: © cocaineandcakepops

4.Pile of woods

Photo: © imgur

5.Cubic window during different times of the day

Photo: © solateor

6.Sliced a watermelon in half and it’s perfectly seedless

Photo: © ReVengeOtter

7.After the hurricane Ophelia in Ireland

Photo: © beluuuuuuga

8.A view inside the cockpit

Photo: © ME5SENGER_24

9.This beautiful flower I saw on a morning walk

Photo: © cat_in_the_sun

10.I snapped this pic of a subway station in Toronto

Photo: © nick_wons

11.Parrot party

Photo: © Narendra_17

12.A perfectly toasted marshmallow

Photo: © chaotemagick

13.This nearly perfect dahlia I spotted at a local park

Photo: © duchess_of_nope

14.Seriously satisfying hand-sliced steak

Photo: © while_e

15.The way the streetlights line up

Photo: © Antscannabis

16.Check out how perfect the ice slid off of a leaf

Photo: © greyhoundsrfast

17.Random cat matching the ruins of Ephesus, Turkey

Photo: © Boojibs

18.This perfect paw print, with nails, that my wet dog left on my jeans

Photo: © szthesquid

19.The bumps in my soft serve cone look like marshmallows

Photo: © DHB_Master

20.The spikes of the frost on this fence are just perfect

Photo: © imgur