20 Extraordinary Things In The Most Common Objects Surrounding Us That Make This World So Damn Fantastic

Two days ago the world witnessed the view of a lifetime – a partial solar eclipse where the Sun peeked behind the US. Whoever missed this breathtaking view in which the moon was dancing in front of the Sun can just google it and feel their skipping beats but right now we are going to speak and show you the breathtaking and incredible things that happen right next to us.

We may think that there is nothing extraordinary about the objects, people, and events surrounding us, but this is where we are mistaken the most.

Scroll down to see the photos of the most common things that had the power to surprise us the most.

#1. The Pacific Blackdragon has ultra-black skin, absorbing more than 99 percent of light, making them virtually invisible to other deep-sea creatures

Photo: © rgatoNacho

#2. Sword breaker, a type of parrying dagger designed to hook onto a swinging blade and disable it

Photo: © as1r0_

#3. “Lady in the Water”. Agate cameo carving, accented with Pearl, Garnet and Tanzanite. Pendant in Silver.

Photo: © Valk9designs

#4. The duckbill treefrog. The cutest creature you’ll see today

Photo: © jacklsd

#5. A traditional carpet along the street.

Photo: © sinpew

#6. This is lonesome George, he was the last living Pinta Island tortoise and lived most of his life in loneliness till his species died with him in 2012 at the age of 100.

Photo: © cocaineandcakepops

#7. Buakaw Banchameng – The Strongest monk

Photo: © not_so_cool0535

#8. Rib vortices forming under a breaking wave

Photo: © eskylabs

#9. This apple painted with the world’s blackest paint looks like a void. It’s so dark that you can’t see any highlights or shadows.

Photo: © Lopsided_Beautiful36

#10. Making Sound effects before we had digital effects (1960’s)

Photo: © Mayor_Kurt_Cobain

#11. The lightning pealed this tree like a banana. Literally.

Photo: © Cromulus

#12. At the Sony Plant in Japan in the 1960s, staff would take stretch brakes throughout the day in unison to the beat of the man blowing the whistle. (Their job was to use microscopes to insert needle-like parts into radios)

Photo: ©AgeanAir

#13. Pablo Picasso making art with light

Photo: © squarepusher6

#14. The clear water in Sicily makes it look like these boats are floating in mid-air

Photo: © plurrrb

#15. A group of artists called the German Crew spent 14 months repainting the run-down neighborhood of Las Palmitas (Mexico), over 200 homes. This is the result.

Photo: © as1r0_

#16. The 30ft inflatable cube with strings you can climb – The String Prototype

Photo: © as1r0_

#17. An Amazing view of an Oasis inside a volcano in Libya

Photo: © ADQZ

#18. A young couple at Waterhen River in Saskatchewan, Canada, taken in 1931.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#19. Nigeria uses its waste plastic bottles and turns them into affordable eco-friendly houses. Building a two-bedroom

Photo: © Fluid-Daydreamer

#20. This is how a child’s skull looks like before It’s lost its baby teeth.

Photo: © royeclipse123