20 Exciting Photos That Teach Something Incredibly New And Impressive About This World

It’s officially Spring, the season of growth, rebirth, and renewal. And this means that life is becoming prettier and more flowery. This is just the time to explore more, get something done, go on a journey, discover this world. While we had to sit at home during winter and quench the thirst for new exciting discoveries with photos and stuff like that, now’s the perfect moment to do it ourselves.

Meanwhile, we have prepared 20 amazing photos (and a bonus)about the rarest stuff in this world for you to check out. Enjoy the incredibility happening around you before you buy your tickets to explore more of our world. Let’s get started.

#1. Balenciaga‘s new fashion gloves ensure the highest protection

Photo: © ietnugget

#2. If you align Turkish money notes, you will see Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (first president of Turkey) slowly turning towards you

Photo: © greatwall2103

#3. Ukrainian soldiers play chess with Molotov cocktails at a checkpoint

Photo: © Mieche78

#4. How mountain climbers sleep is satisfyingly dangerous

Photo: © Beautiful_Facade

#5. Japanese scientists have started investigating the mysterious “mermaid mummy” that has long been an object of worship at a temple in Okayama Prefecture.

Photo: © AbsoluteMad-Lad

#6. Kyiv, Ukraine: International Women’s Day

Photo: © Perfect_Gas

#7. The genus Scolopendra contains many species of centipedes found across the world’s tropics and warmer temperate areas.

Photo: © chaotemagick

#8. This urinal was made at this restaurant so that pee doesn’t land on the floor.

Photo: © PapiLjj

#9. The road development of South and North Korea

Photo: © SirBisgaard

#10. Putin recently quoted to Macron a saying which is common in Russia, referring to Ukraine: “Like it or not, you will have to endure it, my pretty one.” Here, the girl says, “I am not your ‘pretty one.'” sign on the streets of Lviv.

Photo: © avivi_

#11. Rice paddies in Vietnam are like from a movie scene

Photo: © wrapityup

#12. Triphalangeal thumb – a thumb with an extra bone in it

Photo: © chaotemagick

#13. Oil and natural gas pipelines that link Russia and Europe. Didn’t know it was so extensive!

Photo: © wakeup2019

#14. The three life stages of the bicolor parrotfish (Cetoscarus bicolor) found only in the Red Sea. It starts with white and orange skin as a juvenile, then becomes an adult female with brown and cream skin, and then changes into a male (sequential hermaphroditism) with green and pink skin.

Photo: ©benjaneson

#15. ESPN honored Shaq for his birthday with a rainbow photo of his career

Photo: © AristonD

#16. Dr. Irving Finkel holding a 3770-year-old clay tablet that tells the story of the god Enki speaking to the Sumerian king Atram-Hasis and giving him instructions on how to build an ark which is described as around 220 ft diameter coracle

Photo: © Fuckoff555

#17. These napping cats create the perfect symmetry

Photo: © yoyoelena

#18. Wrigley Field, 1932

Photo: © NiceCasualRedditGuy

#20. A homesick camel trekked more than 60 miles across the Gobi Desert in Central Asia to find its former owners.

Photo: © WorldHub995


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