20 Exciting Information About Our World That Can Never Leave Anybody Bored

If you ever get bored, just remember there are places, people, and situations in this world that have the most exciting stories to tell, and when you listen to these stories, there are way more stories yet to come.

In Muslim culture, mosque constructions have a unique approach; they deliberately insert a touch of a slight imperfection in each mosque to emphasize that there is nothing perfect in this world other than Allah. In any case, the mosques look incredibly beautiful and perfect to an ordinary person, and it is nice to see how people respect their religion and beliefs.

If we dig deeper, we’ll see that this world still has a lot up its sleeve to amaze us with. And our team has taken care of today’s dose of captivating information to share with our readers. Scroll down to get yours!

#1. Each of the eight stadiums at the World Cup in Qatar will have large arrays of gigantic air conditioners to battle the very hot temperatures

Photo: © altmorty

#2. In Hawaii, a company named Atlantis provides unforgettable submarine tours as a tourist attraction

Photo: © adinkins

#3. Architecture is always lit. Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest, Romania -1897.

Photo: © iklegemma

#4. A moment of appreciation. Fireman’s helmet after fighting a fire in freezing weather.

Photo: © deloachfan21

#5. The ancient Citadel of Erbil in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The mound on which it is located has been variously occupied as early as the 5th millennium BCE by the Sumerians, Akkadians, Neo-Assyrians, Sassanids, Muslims, etc.

Photo: © Prizrenski_vitez

#6. This teenager has the largest hands in the world.

Photo: © /nooyork

#7. Six sumo wrestlers circa 1890

Photo: © rgatoNacho

#8. An extreme closeup of a human eye

Photo: © Poohbizzle79

#9. The Kyaik Htee Pagoda (aka The Golden Rock) in Myanmar seems to be defying the laws of gravity!

Photo: © qrvjhb

#10. The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation, Osaka, Japan.

Photo: © iklegemma

#11. This is the Vatican City’s Military force, the Swiss Guards.


#12. What does heaven look for you? Isola Bella Island, Italy

Photo: © SGT-R0CK

#13. Lightning strike over the silver mining town of Tonopah, Nevada, during a storm in 1904

Photo: © JohnnyShadows

#14. This man caught a massive 159kgs ‘living dinosaur’ on Fraser river in a once-in-a-lifetime haul

Photo: © GroundbreakingSet187

#15. Lamborghini Marine V12 powerboat engine: 8.2 liters of displacement, 1,100hp.

Photo: © NtsParadize

#16. Nothing seems to change in Norway over the decades

Photo: © rockystl

#17. This man from India grew grass on his auto-rickshaw for it to stay cool even in the heat.

Photo: © royalbluesword

#18. This is what happens when lightning strikes a fishing rod

Photo: © Highest_five

#19. Giant Otter casually eating the blood of sinners.

Photo: © gimmetwocookies

#20. The ceiling of Shah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran. Even if this looks perfect, they deliberately put a slight imperfection in each mosque because nothing is perfect other than Allah.

Photo: © SoggyConclusion4674