20 Exciting Discoveries That Has Made Our Jaws Drop For a Good Reason

Some people come across quite interesting stuff on Internet, read articles and posts, but it is our job to compile those articles. Though we search for and find amazing things about this world more often, there are still times we have our jaws dropped. We see a 70-year-old fossil of a giant fish that lived among dinosaurs for the first time in our lives, and it is worth it that you saw this photo too.

This and much more exciting stuff will be presented in this article, so just scroll down to make the newest discoveries.

#1. Cremation ceremony held today for a Bengal Tiger in Pench Tiger Reserve, India. Affectionately called ‘Collarwali’ by locals, she raised a total of 25 cubs during her lifetime

Photo: © meme_stealing_bandit

#2. Ukrainian special forces with GPNVG-18 quad-lens night vision goggles

Photo: © casualphilosopher1

#3. 150-year-old corner piano

Photo: © silvercatbob

#4. Seventy million-year-old fossil of a giant 6 meters long fish lived among the dinosaurs.

Photo: © Kanagawabatice

#5. This pigeon delivered a message from a trapped battalion of soldiers in WW1, saving nearly 200 men. She was shot multiple times and lost a leg and an eye. The soldiers gave the pigeon a wooden leg and gave her the name “Cher Ami,” the name means “Dear Friend.”

Photo: © Ok-Calligrapher-1330

#6. The first cryopreserved human being in history

Photo: © estination_Centauri

#7. Woman kneeling next to the bed of a child, in an underground tunnel during the bombing of London, World War II, January 1945

Photo: © rishicolors

#8. Doctors say airborne salts can kill off microorganisms known to cause infection.

Photo: © roundbreakingSet187

#9. Chilling on the edge of the Pedra da Gavea. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photo: © Apxm

#10. This robot arm art piece is programmed to contain the hydraulic fluid that’s constantly leaking out and required to keep itself running.

Photo: © itsclassified_

#11. Alexander the Great encountered dogs in the ancient kingdom of Molossus in Epirus that multiple ancient sources reported as taking down Lions and Elephants by themselves!

Photo: © Antiquity-for-All

#12. Sniper’s nest at the stadium

Photo: © Apxm

#13. Ice tree formed by a waterfall in China

Photo: © _josseah_

#14. The gorgeous Great Eared Nightjar. It is the largest species in the family in terms of length, which can range from 31 to 41 cm.

Photo: © Nova-I-Rushi

#15. Hummingbirds are incredibly territorial/aggressive birds, and some have even developed “teeth” for combat.

Photo: © Posted byu/IamPotato14

#16. Sunflower room at The Van Gogh Alive art exhibition

Photo: © GooLikeGlue

#17. Hong Kong landscape carved into duct tape by Takahiro Iwasaki.

Photo: © Kanagawabatice

#18. Heidelberg Tun, the most extensive wine barrel in the world. Holds 219,000 liters. Built-in 1751 and kept in Heidelberg Castle in Germany.

Photo: © Kunstkurator

#19. Cross-section of a nuclear waste barrel.

Photo: © Apxm

#20. Cool 15,000-year-old sculpture carved from mammoth ivory

Photo: © zzill6