20 Examples When The Incredible Odds Made The Impossible Things Possible

Once Audrey Hepburn said: “ Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!”. And since then, this has become one of the most popular and powerful motivational expressions.
In fact, people sometimes are very skeptical about things, and when they hear about non-ordinary things they tend not to believe. The eye wants some proof and we get it.
Today we have prepared a collection of the impossible odds that still made these things possible and will definitely teach how to believe, well, in the “unbelievable”. Keep on scrolling to check the photos!

#1. None of their feet is touching the floor

Photo: © ustyoboe

#2. When a chicken lays a kinder surprise egg

Photo: © FeelsLikeBatMan

#3. Welcome to the balding bus

Photo: © AceOS24

#4. Met Keanu Reeves once when I was 14, and again when I was 17. Oddly enough, Neo was wearing the same t-shirt both times.

Photo: © Dont_Jimmie_Me_Jules

#5. They were talking about my local Animal Shelter on national TV, and they focused on Alys, the cat we adopted 7 months ago! We got to see where she came from! We were in awe

Photo: © mvppaulo

#6. Deland McCullough, a former NFL player and now a coach, was given up for adoption at birth in 1973. He found his birth mother in 2017. She told him the name of his father who turned out to be his college coach and mentor throughout his adult life

Photo: © fozzythemexican

#7. “I was born with 6 toes on my left foot and my Co-worker was born with 4 toes on her right foot”

Photo: © DomnLee

#8. In 1990, a panel of the windscreen on British Airways Flight 5390 fell out at 17k feet, causing the cockpit to decompress & its captain to be sucked halfway out of the aircraft. The crew held onto him for more than 20 minutes as the co-pilot made an emergency landing. The pilot made a full recovery.

Photo: © RampChurch

#9. Beautiful coincidence, or is it?

Photo: © jhvk

#10. The perfect way to photobomb someone

Photo: © KalzK

#11. Perfectly placed web

Photo: © AgentChris101

#12. The real confusion when you see this

Photo: © renaissance_boy_

#13. Synchronicity!

Photo: © shooshoocoomer

#14. Lightning striking simultaneously on Chicago’s three tallest buildings

Photo: © dhruveishp

#15. The truck goes over the bridge and is saved by safety chains hooked up to RV.

Photo: © ranman35

#16. When the fire decides to join you

Photo: © Devge

#17. Snorkeller finds lost wedding ring wrapped around a mullet fish off of Norfolk Island

Photo: © jjophh

#18. A tree split down the middle by lightning

Photo: © Jeremy_The_Toad

#19. How close this was?

Photo: © thompson_10

#20. When you think you’re out of tums but actually this happened

Photo: © Archer-7