20 examples of optical illusions caught on camera that require several looks to understand

Perspective is everything, the image you receive and percept depends on the angle from which you look at certain things or people.
Here are some of the most misleading perspective examples, hope you don’t break your brain trying to figure them out. Enjoy!

1.Can’t decide if she’s sitting straight with her wig backward, or is that…?

Photo: © Familiar_Big3322

2.Where the road ends and the logs begin

Photo: © The_Kraken_Wakes

3.A deceiving agility

Photo: © DRAWKWARD79

4.Just a couple and their two-headed dog, not a big deal

Photo: © sunbabi

5.Breaded chicken tenders

Photo: © Jujiboo

6.The giant seagull

Photo: © TruckFluster

7.Headless horse

Photo: © thegasketmaker

8.A misleading garage

Photo: © swayze406

9.Short guy on top of shoeboxes taking a picture

Photo: © Rredite

10.Ladies and gentlemen, I present Michelle and parker, the two-headed dog

Photo: © epitomeofcuriosity

11. 16-year-old Alice Capsey sporting a fierce beard at her latest cricket game

Photo: © horfor

12.Mythical headless hockey player

Photo: © AmatuerNerd

13.Perspective is a funny thing

Photo: © Ag_Nasty2212

14.Camouflage dog

Photo: © vagabond77sen

15.A giant man sitting on a roof judging people

Photo: © sabretewth

16.Strike 4? Caught this one watching game highlights

Photo: © edgyb67

17.Might want to reconsider the photographer

Photo: © fullmiz

18.Man behind his dog looks more like his head is inside of his dog

Photo: © slipperino23

19.This flipped image

Photo: © bobjamesya

20.Take a seat

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m