20 Examples Of Awful Design With Perfect Execution That Prove Creativity Should Also Have Limits

Until now, we have been sure that creativity should have no limits, and it’s necessary to let a human’s imagination run freely like oceans. But after compiling this collection of 20 awkward designs (executed with great skills, we must agree), we have started to hesitate.

In any case, creativity should have some limits to be beautiful and admirable.

Scroll down to see 20 examples of awful taste with perfectly skilled execution, and tell us if you agree with us or not. Ready? Let’s go!

#1. Even the couches have fat rolls

Photo: © gingerblz

#2. Pretty groovy but unfortunately not playable

Photo: © Kayro098

#3. This epoxy “bad guy table.”

Photo: © Sniper_Chicken_

#4. Peace is what this world lacks lately

Photo: © superfleh

#5. Who would be so cruel to sit on this cute bunny chair?

Photo: © SumsOfAnyKey

#6. You have a bad taste if you think this is bad taste

Photo: © SkeletronX7

#7. This lamp is so cool; it doesn’t belong in this collection

Photo: © katpillow

#8. When you lack ideas to make a bag

Photo: © rosebomber

#9. One wrong move and this could probably destroy your…you

Photo: © MarijuanaBagels

#10. We admire this artwork

Photo: © bobtobno

#11. Piranha Plant Cake to scare you off the sweets forever

Photo: © ighest_five

#12. Your fish friend with his brand new teeth

Photo: © BubblefartsRock

#13. I don’t need no instructions to know how to poop

Photo: © qmcrt

#14. Come on; daddy will hug you

Photo: © PlzNoHack

#15. How cool is this “advanced long Furby”?

Photo: © thombutler

#16. Why does the Fertility statue in the UK terrify us?

Photo: © Xander395

#17. The imprisoned Pizza Tower

Photo: © desertmamba

#18. The horse-drawn carriage


#19. When crazy ideas come to life. Rake and shovel table set

Photo: © Majorpain2006

#20. Mushroom plushie to grow your nightmares with!

Photo: © startrackerJ