20 Emotional Animals That Are More Expressive Than Human Actors

Like human beings, animals also have body language and express themselves through it, and obviously, they use it more often than us. Learning their body language, when an animal wants to attack or defend himself, or what it is thinking at the exact moment is quite difficult and confusing, but not with dogs, for example.

Looking at their expressions and the emotions they show, it’s very simple to realize what they are thinking and what their next move is.

The 20 photos we prepared in this collection will make you fall in love with these cuties and prove their emotions are sometimes more impressive than those of any actor.

1. Impressive heavy breathing

Photo: © steliosmudda

2. Smile, Everyone; he’s in the mood

Photo: © SonderEber

3. I’ve done something bad, and I don’t regret it

Photo: © TaxiDriverThankGod

4. Just a regular ride to the park

Photo: © jinxy_wolfy

5. Betty is upset. Mia climbed on the multi-level cat tree while Betty was on it. How dare she?

Photo: © Toodistracted2pick1

6. Does this need any caption?

Photo: © dvarka124

7. Making Titanic cool again

Photo: © Brewmeiser

8. Sometimes he just has to remind you you’re talking nonsense

Photo: © xpanta

9. This is Henry. He sneezes a lot.

Photo: © Zordack

10 What you get when you’re trying Trying to snap a cute shot of your void

Photo: © Aviator1116

11. Toby is telling me he wants dinner an hour early

Photo: © ChillingInTheName

12. Hey, don’t look at my girlfriend’s ass

Photo: © baresketcher

13. He sits like this all the time.

Photo: © alexeichuk

14. Hey, are you looking at me?

Photo: © falconpunchpro

15. He is such a vibe

Photo: © chaser456

16. Puppers heckin disapproves of shenanigans

Photo: © africannotsavage

17. Mid-fall depression. Mood for the whole winter.

Photo: © MommaLovesMambo

18. This dog is sick and tired of everything

Photo: © Supreme_Rust

19. Who likes kisses everywhere?

Photo: © 1tHYDS7450WR

20 Omg, this is the final shot to melt our hearts.

Photo: © Pikalika