20 Dogs Mastering Every Human Emotion And Being Super Funny And Derpy

In animal planet, there is no such thing as smiling. When animals show their teeth it means they are warning of a coming attack. However, living with human beings dogs have learned some things. But let’s admit, no human could show his emotions in such a clumsy and hilariously funny way.

They show their teeth in such a funny manner, they frown so hilariously and try to judge you with just one look that will definitely make you cry with laughter.

We have prepared the funniest collection of dogs mastering every emotion that will definitely make you smile today.

#1. She saw her friend and all her training went out the window

Photo: © IndividualAnalysis3

#2. He definitely loves posing for the camera

Photo: © pent230

#3. A recreation of “Saturn” by Rubens

Photo: © WearyFrog

#4. A dog who ate bees and regretted it

Photo: © IamCayal

#5. Judging look. He caught his human eating chicken late at night

Photo: © TheHoleResizer

#6. When assembling your dog kit, be sure to follow the instructions to avoid disasters like this…

Photo: © CamdanM

#7. Day 3 of going unnoticed

Photo: © Here-For-The-Comment

#8. Funny for absolutely no reason

Photo: © Magma348

#9. The rarest plant in the garden

Photo: © 1065357

#10. New haircut. That’s not a smile in case you wonder

Photo: © blah4life

#11. How special this smile makes him?

Photo: © andysay

#12. Mommy! Can’t you see I need attention

Photo: © morkie_flash

#13. Slaying with his new wig

Photo: © hewhosnacks

#14. Not a fan of the heat

Photo: © Emptydata_Enzo

#15. What the hell is attached to my chin?

Photo: © /teh-syntax

#16. The look of defeat

Photo: © drcockmuffin

#17. How adorable is this derp?

Photo: © captnbdog

#18. Max just wanted to see what everyone was doing inside.

Photo: © derpy_ninetales

#19. The sad face he gives me when he can’t sit in my lap while I drive

Photo: © pupsaurus

#20. “They’re gonna know what we’ve been smoking.” “Naw, just smile and be cool.”

Photo: © solitudebench