20 Dogs Acting Crazy And Proving They Can Still Be Funny Even When Being Super Weird

Sometimes you look at your dog and think to yourself: has it always been this weird or I’m noticing it just now. Our beloved companions have their own emotions and craziness and sometimes it even seems they are fully charged with weirdness. You may wonder what we are talking about here unless you are also a pet owner or happened to check out the photos of silly dogs they share on the page called “What’s wrong with your dog”.

And if it still doesn’t ring a bell, then scroll down to see some real craziness of dogs showing they are super funny even when they are being weird.

#1. The dog’s walking on the wall again…

Photo: © medianic2

#2. The most fashionable and trendy hat

Photo: © KeishaTurek

#3. Every time he sees a yummy he turns into an emoji

Photo: © pratikthakur9797

#4. “Came home from work and found our Labrador had grown another head on her butt.”

Photo: © Coldreign

#5. The best sleeping position

Photo: © Critical_Basket_9881

#6. He heard the treat bag open

Photo: © Lord_Crumpleton

#7. A common occurrence

Photo: © Wise-Pickle7728

#8. Kay is turning into a pancake.

Photo: © GraveBreath

#9. Sits watching cartoons for hours…

Photo: © TheVertExplorer

#10. This is how he watches TV

Photo: © and1too-0323

#11. “No sir, I don’t know who did this.”

Photo: © Thryloz

#12. U can’t see me. I’m grass

Photo: © IAmHereFor_AMC_GME

#13. In the mood for games

Photo: © Jollyville

#14. The only one that hates pizza

Photo: © disgruntledbritish

#15. “She does this when I don’t give her belly rubs.”

Photo: © sensible_queso

#16. We wonder what he is watching

Photo: © Julie83344

#17. Knowledge is power…

Photo: © YoBuckStopsHere

#18. Drubs. Drubs are what’s wrong with our dog.

Photo: © FotographicFrenchFry

#19. Can I help you…?

Photo: © gemk8

#20. Everybody was Kung fu fighting

Photo: © HamEdits95