20 Delicious Looking Forbidden Food That Actually Fooled Everyone They Are Edible

We are all similar to the fact that when we smell our favorite food or even see them in photos our mouth becomes watery. The thing is that when we see food, smell it or taste it a signal is sent to our brain’s primary salivary centers telling it to produce saliva.

And even though some things may not be edible but the only fact that resembles certain food causes our mouth to get watered and have the desire to eat them.

We have prepared some photos of forbidden food that look so delicious but unfortunately not made for eating. Scroll down to see the photos and tell us how they fooled you too!

#1. Marshmallow Ball Pit

Photo: © bumperjc11

#2. Forbidden ground beef

Photo: © LeaFett

#3. Why does this look so real?

Photo: © IntrepidNebula92

#4. Forbidden Fried Chicken or calcite

Photo: © rebelraf

#5. Don’t cook this chicken, please

Photo: © PETA_Gaming

#6. Forbidden fruit

Photo: © LynnTess

#7. Someone at dollar tree went for the forbidden donut…

Photo: © teomodo

#8. Forbidden steak chunks

Photo: © alilykat

#9. Forbidden pizza that will hurt to eat

Photo: © adhdachiever

#11. Eat or pass? Forbidden spaghetti

Photo: © Plantsandirony

#12. Carved green onyx gemstone grapes. I’m salivating

Photo: © Trolivia

#13. And this is why I don’t eat the brown part of the banana…

Photo: © Tifuslator

#14. Forbidden Vodka

Photo: © Neil-Can-Soda

#15. Juicy peach

Photo: © Lestode

#16. Forbidden Rainbow Sherbet

Photo: © rebraibz

#17. We didn’t know potatoes weigh so much

Photo: © asdsaddoadaou

#18. How delicious this is. Forbidden strawberry ice cream

Photo: © SCATOL92

#19. Forbidden pork slices

Photo: © Karnaf0

#20. Beer VS floor cleaner!

Photo: © JLeavitt21