20 Cute Dogs With Real Jobs Will Make You Love These Smart Creatures Even More

Dogs are one of the smartest animals. And it’s not that humans pet them since they can be the most understanding companions. And what happens when they get trained? They can protect people, their property, home and even save lives.

We are sure you’ve heard that dogs can be employed at police stations, airports, boarding crossings, and more, but have you really heard that a dog can be a blood donor or a COVID co- therapist? If no, check out the following photos. We have prepared the most incredible jobs dogs that do and want to know how melted your hearts are after seeing this collection.

#1. Cade is a medical alert service dog. He alerts to low blood pressure naturally and has saved many lives.

Photo: © Fearless_Buffalo8405

#2. A friendly bomb-sniffing pupper at Congress wearing booties to protect his paws from broken glass

Photo: © StartRunMspaint

#3. The cutest shepherds alive

Photo: © maremmanoabruzzese

#4. Finn earned his Novice Working Pack Dog title today!

Photo: © Yobfesh

#5. My pup retired from being a blood donor today and got some goodies from the clinic. He saved 8 dog lives and is my little hero!

Photo: © claire303

#6. Sully off to help the students relax again

Photo: © davelogan25

#7. Riley died taking down an armed suspect. He was 5 years old and had been in service for 3 years.

Photo: © greentofu402

#8. Getting some rest before the duty

Photo: © Wiggletails

#9. Training to become a rescue dog

Photo: © GuyWithoutModem

#10. This is Raven, a 16-year-old veteran detection dog with 3x tours of Afghanistan.

Photo: © iamretnuh

#11. My boy, Teddy, is the official greeter at my store. He comes with his own FAQ.

Photo: © tropicalmedly

#12. Science service dog, “Just watching my human do science.”

Photo: © ScienceServiceDog

#13. Tired but vigilant, Australian SASR Combat Assault Dog

Photo: © drumdust

#14. The memorial to Army dog “Sally” of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry who survived the battle of Gettysburg and was noted for standing watch for two days over the fallen men of her regiment.

Photo: © Tillerman10

#15. A very good boy who is trained to find sea turtle nests for conservation.

Photo: © catsandchill45

#16. The faces of rescue dogs after they found a human buried in snow during the training session

Photo: © Houseplatho

#17. Settling into her second week as a grade school therapy dog!

Photo: © PlatinumDoodle

#18. This service dog went above his pay grade today catching another person’s head with his body after they fainted from their vaccine shot.

Photo: © rene_oslen

#19. My grandma’s new service dog Sadie, showing off her best good girl smile for the camera

Photo: © HIGHly_intALEXual

#20. The smartest Toolbox Doggo

Photo: © Mosso3232