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20 curious occurrences, that seem to be a wonder right out of a fairy-tale, but indeed exist in reality

The world is a wonderful place filled with unexpected and miraculous things that seem to exist only in fantasy books or in movies. Be it rare animals or insects, plants with unusual shapes, or manmade monuments and buildings, everything exists for a reason and usually has an explanation no matter how fascinating it is.

Enjoy this compilation of 20 curious things we gathered for you in this article.

1.Hurricane Irma eroded away the dune this pine tree was growing on. Talbot Island State Park, Nassau Co., Florida

Photo: © I_am_Jo_Pitt

2.The way that rain carved out the sand around this ball and ‘elevated’ it

Photo: © DHubbage

3.This carrot is trying to seduce me

Photo: © joshedis

4.This light green butterfly I found

Photo: © DeerRunners

5.2200-year-old Hellenistic theatre in Laodicea, southwestern Turkey, after a recent excavation

Photo: © exalted_augusta

6.Stained specimen

Photo: © hiyame

7.I grabbed an onion that was jammed in the dicer

Photo: © PsychoBrains

8.This stripe of ivy in an alley where two buildings let some light through

Photo: © ohmesrv

9.This Cicada I found looks like it has the McDonald’s logo on its head

Photo: © Thats_A_Tangy_Malany

10.Fish with ‘human’ teeth caught in North Carolina

Photo: © unknown

11.Mayur Veena: The peacock Bowed Lute musical instrument, India, !9th century

Photo: © Narendra_17

12.Just noticed that the wall painting in my room lines up with an outside tree branch from a certain angle

Photo: © Englerfish

13.From this unique vantage point, these superb shots of the Fagradalsfjall boiling and spewing lava are humbling and awe-inspiring at the same time

Photo: © CastroJohn646

14.Hawk taking its meal for a ride

Photo: © SuperLMNOP

15.Giant Wood Moth, the largest species of moth in the world, found in Australia and New Zealand

Photo: © rgatoNacho

16.This skull was sculpted from hair, by Japanese artist Yuni Yoshida

Photo: © eskylabs

17.Very interesting rock I found in Glenrock NSW, Australia

Photo: © Choice-Diver-9569

18.Strong winds made some sweet icicles

Photo: © sicariusdiem

19. Didn’t know there were Giant Oarfish, so big that it takes three or even four men to hold them

Photo: © sealface89

20. Meet Patrick, one of the biggest and long-lived Wombats in the world

Photo: © Nico_Storch