20 Creepiest Creatures In Australia Showing Why People Really Have To Pray For Each Day Alive

When talking about the wild world, most of us immediately think about Africa, but it turns out that there’s a “wilder” world out there, and people call it Australia. We believe there’s much more to Australia than the adorable koalas and kangaroos.

It becomes less funny when you realize people live next to danger and can wake up to the most terrible scenes every morning. However, what we call horrifying is ordinary for them because Australians got used to living next to natural hazards and dangerous creatures, like giant tarantulas, venomous snakes, and creatures we’ve never even seen before or know the names of.

Here are 20 photos or nightmares (call it whatever you like) that will keep us awake for some nights now. Scroll down to see the collection and be glad that you don’t live in Australia.

#1. Wooden Spider. Your personal hell just got so creative.

Photo: © killHACKS

#2. The biggest bug is known ever to live. The Arthropleura Millipede predated the dinosaurs and grew up to 100 pounds.

Photo: © Airdae

#3. This abandoned wildlife park in Australia has a preserved shark in one of its tanks.

Photo: © foursevennn

#4. “Spider Season” in Australia

Photo: © RedBeard308

#5. A reminder of what lurks in the forest.

Photo: © Random-redditor-guy

#6. What does unboxing looks like in Australia? Huntsman nest discovered in a possum habitat box.

Photo: © hearsdemons

#7. Reasons to hate Australia:

Photo: © Intrepid_Big_2608

#8. What did you do to Spider-Man to make him nut on your bike?

Photo: © StealfDragon

#9. They look like they will steal your soul.

Photo: © sinmantky

#10. Immature Anemone Stinkhorn Fungus, Melbourne Australia

Photo: © Relaxtakenotes

#11. Nightmare number 10: A freaky worm goby caught in Kakadu National Park, Australia

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

#12. White lip frog caught eating a baby taipan, 3rd most poisonous land snake in the world. That’s Australia for you.

Photo: © Lilan87

#13. You’ll never run from nightmares in Australia

Photo: © Bastian002

#14. Kangaroo Island Australia before and after

Photo: © Unknown

#15. A typical scene in Australia

Photo: © fragglerawkme1

#16. Actual unedited sign in Australia

Photo: © MissMistyMisery

#17. Why’s there a biblically accurate angel on my porch?

Photo: © ArtWithAndrew

#18. Australia – where giant Huntsman spiders are dangerously close.

Photo: © Browndog888

#19. The Huge Dust Storm hit Western Australia in early 2013.

Photo: © NotYourEverydayFBI

#20. “Just follow the spiders.”

Photo: © LeidbagBaggins