20 Creative Manicure Ideas With Really Cool Designs And Styles

Nail art has become one of the most trendy professions of the 21st century. The growing number of artists and consumers has resulted in the need to master different techniques and design styles.

And obviously, the most creative designs are the most demanded too. Well, of course, a lot of people prefer simple and one manicure without striking designs but the talent for more complex designs makes the nail artist more trustworthy.

In this article, we have prepared all the beautiful and creative nail designs that we simply couldn’t pass by indifferently.

#1. Disney week – Hercules

Photo: © barbrafeszyn

#2. Freehand flowers inspired by Japanese vase

Photo: © barbrafeszyn

#3. Attempted tie-dye!

Photo: © waltopey

#4. Some cute rainbow vibes

Photo: © waltopey

#5. Green is always a good idea

Photo: © Connie_Damico

#6. Gentle Rose Quartz Nails!

Photo: © lang4287

#7. Matte black & nude

Photo: © barbrafeszyn

#8. Red is never out of style!

Photo: © ANDREAA3435

#9. Dainty little flowers with some bangin yellow

Photo: © lardmanpo

#10. Unique Marble Technique

Photo: © Elyezabeth

#11. Tortoise Shell nails

Photo: © ForeverEndeavors

#12. Nails inspired by the gorgeous Heart and Soul Nebula

Photo: © lenny_ray

#13. Amazing Dragon eye

Photo: © barbrafeszyn

#14. A little Miyazaki is never a bad thing

Photo: © _sabbicat

#15. Is it too early for fall-ish manicures? Matte floral nail art using gifted products!

Photo: © ninanailedit

#16. If the world gives you lemons, make lemonade

Photo: © barbrafeszyn

#17. Inspired by nature

Photo: © lardmanpo

#18. Bright colors on dark skin tone

Photo: © Unknown

#19. Iridescent opal chrome over white is amazing

Photo: ©

#20. These are the natural nails of 101 year old lady, she used to be a hand model back in her 20’s!

Photo: © mareacuda