20 Crazy Photos And A Bonus To Prove Once Again That This World Has Gone Mad

With all the craziness happening around us we have already ceased getting surprised at all the chaos of our surrounding world and the insane behavior of some people and situations. 2020 has taught that when everything gets bad it can always get worse, or crazier, or more absurd.

We have prepared a collection of the weirdest things in this article that we can’t even give a name so it’s up to our readers what is actually going on in these photos. If you do realize please feel free to tell us too.

Scroll just scroll it down now and you’ll also see a bonus in the end.

#1. Is it even comfortable?

Photo: © yongcm

#2. Patriot…

Photo: © hadeanagamid103

#3. What’s happening here?

Photo: © Sorry_Poem_

#4. Maybe this is some kind of a ritual?

Photo: © Substantial-Shoe-330

#5. Why would anyone do this to their dog?

Photo: © lewisyext

#6. This kid built a cicada skin army…

Photo: © Pentatoni

#7. Because he had to smoke urgently

Photo: © jamalrealball

#8. How miserable is this wet dog?

Photo: © mrmann9

#9. Really? A keychain?

Photo: © RadioRoosterTony

#10. A snowman I should not have created

Photo: © fudgebringer

#11. Who said only hands should be protected?

Photo: © Shawosh

#12. I swear I saw them breathing and moving!

Photo: © swingati

#13. Are they peeing?

Photo: © lewisyext

#14. Scallops have a lot of eyes (the blue dots)

Photo: © NoelaniSpell

#15. This is why it’s awesome when your car can fly

Photo: © lewisyext

#16. Genius minds

Photo: © AntWrong

#17. Yeah, this is a club!

Photo: © i1crypt0

#18. Easier, girl!

Photo: © i1crypt0

#19. Sheep at night

Photo: © Antscannabis

#20. Never knew minions were this sexy

Photo: © lewisyext

#Bonus: The ultimate fight

Photo: © Unknown