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20 Crazy Findings By Curious People We Bet You Haven’t Seen Before

If it’s too hot outside to travel then don’t worry we’ve prepared some interesting stuff you may see just sitting on your couch. But let’s be honest here, some of this stuff you wouldn’t even see if you traveled the world.

Thanks to the most curious people who came across some unexpected things and took pictures to show us too, we now have this very unusual and captivating compilation of everything that excites our curiosity.

Scroll down to see the photos and don’t forget to tell us how you liked them.

#1. A half taxi, half police car found in Santa Monica, CA

Photo: © bukowski_knew

#2. The sand magnetically stuck to the case.

Photo: © NateDrake_01

#3. Have you ever seen a ladybug without spots?

Photo: © kaelliam

#4. Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with dust accumulated on the truck box.

Photo: © BrianPotato2005

#5. A bulldozer overtaken by nature.

Photo: © mattcal25

#6. It’s interesting how when these trees fell they pulled up the grass like a big unbroken sheet.

Photo: © Alarichasm

#7. The light switch in the girl’s bathroom

Photo: © forkliftfixed

#8. It only says “thank you”

Photo: © ravenm00nx

#9. Visual representation of how many earths can fit in the sun.

Photo: © iAmTheEpicGoose

#10. The refraction rainbow from the glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink

Photo: © NeonChurch

#11. Did you know purple bell peppers existed?

Photo: © ASW-G-XX

#12. Is this some kind of joke, or do they actually exist?

Photo: © Tetraether

#13. Missing Cat Owner posted a follow up where the previous missing posters were.

Photo: © Coffygrier

#14. Vitaminized cucumber

Photo: © GroundControl29

#15. How huge is this mushroom? Name it!

Photo: © JoshuaHoletz

#16. One year ago, our tree fell down for no apparent reason. It’s still alive.

Photo: © nerge

#17. Handrail Sanitizers

Photo: © eYjay420

#18. Same eyes. 87 years and 3 generations apart.

Photo: © Victoria-Valentine

#19. The unexpected guest appeared in the sink and it apparently uses the sponge as its raft.

Photo: © bassmansrc

#20. This may be the first time you see smiling Orchids

Photo: © cybosapien