20 Cool Products We Didn’t know exist But Now Are Dying To Have Them

There are so many things in this world we don’t know exist and consequently don’t know what our reaction will be if we learn about them. So let’s just check it, huh? There is a group on Reddit called “Didn’t know I wanted that” that allows people to share cool products and designs that most of them didn’t even know about but would definitely want to obtain.

It’s impossible not to want most of this stuff once you’ve seen them. We have prepared 20 such things, and we sincerely envy their owners.

#1. Excellent electric road skis that go 40Mph

Photo: © CodyHovland

#2. Is he a Stark?

Photo: © d-346ds

#3. The all in one. Definitely need this

Photo: © coloredboyadvance

#4. $190,000 Flying Hovercraft. Lit, huh?

Photo: © Wooble_Gopp

#5. Do you want to hunt vampires?

Photo: © M7sterion

#6. Super adorable mushroom costume in Japan

Photo: © GoatsWithWigs

#7. Portal Christmas Tree

Photo: © ivan200520052005

#8. Skeleton trellis for houseplants

Photo: © llinoisGirlChi

#9. Awesome fish tank. Where can we get this?

Photo: © tundracrazy

#10. This Giant Tarantula body pillow is my kind of Christmas gift.

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#11. He called first

Photo: © Wooble_Gopp

#12. Party toys, +20 noise, -20 dignity

Photo: © artsWithAnAccent

#13. Well, this looks creepy.

Photo: © Maal0tov

#14. Wheelchair made for Holy Roman Empress Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 1740.

Photo: © EhabAlwi

#15. Please tell us where we can get this necklace

Photo: © Mean_Adhesiveness505

#16. Who else would love to ride this lobster chopper?

Photo: © SteveWax022

#17. Cool. ‘Vader’ BBQ/Pizza Oven/Fire pit.

Photo: © Autumnleaves2021

#18. Great tie and pin. What do you think?

Photo: © No-Average3682

#19. A cup holder that you can take everywhere with you

Photo: © signantwolf

#20. We need this gorgeous lamp!

Photo: © ellotheredani