20 Confusing Things That We Didn’t Know Look Like This Have Caught Us Completely Off Guard

Everything is about angles. We keep saying this to ourselves not to get confused to madness from things that don’t look the way we’ve always known them. We won’t try to explain how some dude does a peace sign while holding a sign with both hands, for example, but we compiled a collection of 20 confusing photos that talk for themselves.

The best we can do is to describe this situation with two words – confusing perspectives. Scroll down to see the collection and try to guess what’s actually going on before you break your head.

#1.  A truck in a truck trucking a truck. How fast did you get it?

Photo: © KevinSaw

#2. It’s all about angles!

Photo: © iROONix

#3. It would freak us out if we didn’t know what’s going on here

Photo: © iROONix

#4. A cute nail pose be like…

Photo: © anna_was_taken

#5. Do big cards come with big cash?

Photo: © MenthoL99

#6. Chicago is an island now!

Photo: © nikhil48

#7. How long did this have you scratching your head?

Photo: © mayuhhh

#8. The look is more complete with the earrings

Photo: © shilali

#9. A tree, a cat, a crocodile?

Photo: © aerphoto

#10. Greek churches can float, people!

Photo: © Dubliner344

#11. The joke I want to make is not appropriate.

Photo: © Flimsy_Researcher

#12. Face-Off

Photo: © mogulee

#13. Give dogs give big love!

Photo: © SigmaSamurai

#14. This DJ is a real vibe.

Photo: © Tojcee

#15. Doing a peace sign while holding a sign with both hands is a skill.

Photo: © kenthekungfujesus

#16.  The way you feel after drinking 4 cups of coffee.

Photo: © PleadingMackrel

#17. Interesting fact: only female cats can have a hole in their body

Photo: © DangerousBrowsing

#18. He paid an arm and a leg for that goal

Photo: © Babynouil

#19. The man and the huge Manatee…

Photo: © TheReddest1

#20. So this is not a picture frame?

Photo: © SlicedUpChicken