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20 Confusing Images That Will Definitely Put Into Question What You Just Saw

We are more than sure you’ve seen or taken confusing photos with misleading perspectives at least once in your life, and if you have, you know how fun it is to look at them after and die out of laughter.

Things seem to be what they’re not, and people appear to do very questionable things.

We’ve looked through some and found 20 baffling images worth sharing with you. Scroll down to enjoy this article, we hope it makes you laugh and brightens your day.

#1. I did not have any relations with that woman!

Photo: ©. seven_critical_blows

#2. I’ve seen your search history, Jonathan. Don’t act like you don’t want this!

Photo: © JijidoMan

#3. Definitely hotter with that thing on

Photo: © YextFE

#4. Just Chillin. Literally.

Photo: © sardegnala1963

#5. When your horse is sick but you still have to chase the fellowship

Photo: © omgitsmint

#6. The newest member of the Gorillaz

Photo: © b00pmxnst3r

#7. Just cleaning off the pestilence

Photo: © avis_ater

#8. He’s totally figured social distancing out. Until everyone else would want to get in the shade

Photo: © YextFE

#9. “We’re not shady!”. Also, me and my friends gossiping:

Photo: © YextFE

#10. “Discrete delivery,” they said

Photo: © Hustanon

#11. Think of all the money you’ll save on laundry if you just rotate them when they’re dirty

Photo: © YextFE

#12. The glitch in the Matrix, where there’s only Lindas and Karens

Photo: © omgitsmint

#13. Now this is very creative, actually

Photo: © YextFE

#14. These feminist gun clubs don’t fool around

Photo: © Fanuni

#15. Lookin’ like a snack

Photo: © YextFE

#16. “Can I ask you a corny question?”

Photo: © Bae56

#17. Hello, Gendalf

Photo: © lildili

#18. When you put the bicep size on the max in The Sims when customizing a character

Photo: © patrik1313

#19. Olaf needs to calm down

Photo: © juniperleafes

#20. Traps in cartoons be like

Photo: © seven_critical_blows