20 Common Objects That Were Just Ordinary Things Until Cut In Half Revealing How Incredible They Actually Are

It seems like the universe hides the most wonderful things to protect them from the evil eyes. And that is exactly why some incredible objects are invisible to the naked eye.

Their incredibility is hidden inside of them like the inside of a slap bracelet that is made of recycled measuring tape, or the human soul inside the body. And some people actually have cut things in half to bring all the amazingness of ordinary stuff out and show how much implausibility there is in simple objects.

The pictures showing the inside of common things have put them into a whole new perspective, in a way we’ve never seen them before. So, instead of going back and forth we suggest scrolling down to see these photos that have already amazed us.

#1. Multi-engine aircraft cutting cloud layer in half with ‘prop blast’

Photo: © BeamingJatropha916

#2. Zippo Lighter

Photo: © persistentlyfluffy

#3. “Silver Bullet” Tank Shell

Photo: © hawkwood4268

#4. Sliced vertical section of an ocean-going sand dredger

Photo: © Whey-Men

#5. Inside a WW1 Artillery Shell

Photo: © justeedo

#6. European hedgehog

Photo: © Real-Frank-Grimes

#7. Spring Ring Jewelry Clasp

Photo: © persistentlyfluffy

#8. Cactus is like cable

Photo: © Sablepaycheck

#9. The inside of a brand new tissue box

Photo: © dgoldstein38

#10. Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850

Photo: © giuliomagnifico

#11. Great Grey Owl

Photo: © foxtrot419

#12. Nice couch at the furniture store

Photo: © hangnguy

#13. “Lasagna” style bulb planting.

Photo: © commoninja352

#14. Landrover cut longways on rails with a pump

Photo: © SpecificComedian

#15. An escalator in Madrid’s subway

Photo: © BQjesuEM

#16. Inside of a redbox machine.

Photo: © unknown

#17. Boston Whaler Boat: Unsinkable Add

Photo: © mampersat

#18. Have you ever seen snakes anatomy

Photo: © SadraBehnam

#19. Cross-section of a 747. One of these had an elevator in it!

Photo: © kumquat_may

#20. The inside of a slap bracelet is made of recycled measuring tape

Photo: © 99LivesGaming