20 Captivating Photos Proving That Knowledge Is The Best And Safest Treasure To Acquire

“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” – L. Frank Baum.

The more we learn the more there remains for us to learn. We are truly rich when we learn and acquire knowledge from everything incredible about this world and share our knowledge with others too! Thanks to curious internet users we see astonishing stuff that we’ve never seen and might never see if not for the photos they post.

In search of really interesting phenomena, we compiled captivating photos that will definitely teach us something curious today.

#1. A Movie Theater that has screens in the bathrooms so you don’t miss any of the action

Photo: © kanjscat

#2. Standing on clear ice literally looks like you’re floating.

Photo: © ppppie_

#3. The knotted branches of a Spider’s Web tree (also known as a Strangler Fig) in Nanning, Guangxi, China

Photo: © anthonyhui

#4.  Golden coins from the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet

Photo: © the_real_w00zi

#5. What happens when termites eat through books

Photo: © Ok-Tadpole-3191

#6. A very touching wax sculpture created by Sam Jinks

Photo: © prav_u

#7. An Earthworm with two tails

Photo: © claspasp

#8. Human chess in the Wawel courtyard in Krakow (photo date within 1910 – 1939)

Photo: © cestrumnocturnum

#9. Powerlines going through a tree

Photo: © Unihorsed

#10. This is what the eye of a Macaroni penguin looks like

Photo: © mrvxv

#11. The perfect art of deception

Photo: © insolent_swine

#12. The beauty and magnificence of the waves

Photo: © JenineEacret

#13. Korean makeup artist creates mind-blowing optical illusions on her face with makeup

Photo: © OsakiYT

#14. Cute little caterpillar feet, cuz why not? (tobacco hornworm)

Photo: © cadrefighter

#15. The Breathtaking Koyashskoye Salt Lake in Crimea

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#16. The actual size of King Cobras

Photo: © leomaz96

#17. Crystal clear waters of Boracay, Philippines.

Photo: © PaIace

#18. The China Highway 110 traffic jam lasted for more than 10 days. Cars moved at the speed of 0.6 miles per day.

Photo: © Th1ndonly

#19. The mesmerizing view of a storm in West Texas

Photo: © PrettyHedgehog0

#20. The tiny guest may ruin it all

Photo: © lewisyext