20 Captivating Photos As Reasons To Fall In Love With Our World Over And Over Again

The unfamiliar and yet unknown always have the power to lure and captivate us. That’s why we never get bored and never stop falling in love with everything found on this Earth. But to love something we must first of all start caring for it and exploring more.

With the list of these 20 amazing photos and the surprise bonus in the end, our team suggests we altogether explore the beauty of our world and discover things we most possibly have never heard about. Only then we shall claim how much we love living on this planet.

Check out the photos and let us know which one you liked the most. Let’s go!

#1. The original design of these stairs

Photo: © MatildaSanner

#2. This view is so beautiful it even looks unreal

Photo: © LidiaVanzant

#3. A dabbing ox. He is so cool.

Photo: © mrvxv

#4. Monster bugs! Have you ever seen such a thing?

Photo: © HeyIamShy

#5. Mount Fuji at night

Photo: © K4Kerala

#6. Just a gorgeous tree that is cosplaying as an Ent

Photo: © /Nav_the_gamer

#7. A majestic Wild Kudu bull

Photo: © mrvxv

#8. David Scott performing a “stand-up EVA” during the Apollo 9 mission

Photo: © ShockwaveGoesBrrr

#9. Oarfish are very long deep sea-dwelling bony fish, the largest confirmed specimen was 10 meters long.

Photo: © mrstuffedbaconater

#10. Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla’s Lab 1895

Photo: © bartarton

#11. An abandoned movie theater taken back by nature

Photo: © arjuna20

#12. The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal – the tallest statue in Africa

Photo: © anthonyhui

#13. A Bernese mountain dog with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes a loss of pigmentation in skin and fur

Photo: © MrBonelessPizza24

#14. Clever bears think of everything.

Photo: © Inside_Maximum7214

#15. Beautiful Sunrise in Kabul, Afghanistan

Photo: © mrvxv

#16. Sunset in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Photo: © xhunter00

#17. The sheer size of the clock atop Abraj Al Bait – Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Photo: © imSilv

#18. Cable Management

Photo: © vpluke

#19. The magic inside a Hydrangea

Photo: © made_in_GEORGIA

#20. A hedgehog without quills looks like a potato.

Photo: © rgatoNacho


Polar bears yell while they poop. You’re welcome.

Photo: © crinnoire